Thursday, May 8, 2014

Juliet in Blue

 Dress: Juliet Dress from SWAK via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn an extra garment for a month)
Cardigan: Avenue
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Born
Necklace: gift from Kate
Earring: ebay
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone, Canon Rebel)
I wore this pretty as a peacock outfit to work & dinner at Kate's place as well as on another day for work & to see a band. I loved this extremely soft & comfortable dress so much I bought it, it was already a steal, then GB offered me another 20% off. It is the most gorgeous shade of blue & I love how it flows. It will be a great dress to throw on all year long. 
I never noticed how many windy days we have in Madison until I started taking outfit photos...I'm always getting blown away!
Did you notice I got a bang trim?! $10!!!! Why have I never done this before??! And the best part? I called & got in the very next day! I'm only getting bang trims from now on. Also, I am wearing NYX waterproof eyeliner in Gypsy Blue. SO pretty! I used a coupon from Ulta to get it & at only a few dollars...totally worth it. It does not stay put as well as Stila or Sephora waterproof eyeliners, but at such a cheap price...I would buy other liner colors from them in not often used shades. 
Kate had me over for dinner with her 2 loves while Super Boo was in California planting his grandma's garden. We drank a lovely Prosecco & ate mushroom & spinach "risotto" (barley, not rice). It took 2 hours to make, but was worth the wait! 
We also introduced Olive & Zelda for the first time. It went as well as a meeting of a new cat & dog could...she immediately swiped at Olive's nose & hissed whenever Olive became too curious. Below is Zelda imitating a gargoyle a safe distance from Olive. 
There was a free band playing at The Overture downtown that sounded good...Americana. They turned out to be more country, but my goal was to practice my Canon picture taking skills, so it was good & since I went alone...maximum people watching. 
I pulled out my olive Lafont frames I hardly ever wear. What do you think?

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