Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oscar Loves Polly

 Dress: Essential Wrap Dress from Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Cardigan: Avenue
Sandals: Dansko
Necklace: former etsy seller
Earring: Babil & Bijou
Stuffed Dog Toys: VIP Products,  Polly Pig
Photography: Super Boo & Me
I wore this outfit to acupuncture & work. I loved the shade of blue of this wrap dress from Kiyonna. I am so used to their Whimsey Wrap Dresses, this seemed like a more conservative version, a bit longer...not nearly as fun...but still flattering. A classic wrap dress. The material is light enough to wear all summer & the dress is well made. It also manages to skim right over lumps & a pleasing silhouette. 
We were told by our doggie daycare that Oscar was in love with this pig they had...but then one day, a naughty lab tore it to bits & the pig was no more. Super Boo scoured the internet until he found Polly Pig...she, along with her bull friend for Olive, were waiting for us when we got home. 
 Oscar & his very own piggy friend, minus some snout stuffing...
Oscar loves Polly! Olive was not a fan of the bull, in fact, she seemed a bit scared of it. 
I have several pieces of jewelry I got from this artist on etsy years ago, but she appears to have vanished. Her name was Nicole Sullivan (from California) & she sold under the name of Sacred Adornments & later changed that to Gyspy Relics...just in case anyone knows where she is...let me know! 

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