Monday, July 14, 2014

Goth Girl Garage Sale & Other OOTD's

I'm sticking these 4 outfits in 1 post because I wore them all in a row & none of them worked for they don't deserve their own posts, & this allows me to catch up to pretty things I wore this month. 
 Skirt: Twirling in Tulle Skirt in Purple by Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Lace Edged Tank: Lane Bryant
Earring: Vintage 80s
Photography: Super Boo

I wore this twirly skirt to our garage sale. I didn't find it flattering enough to actually wear out, but it was the perfect fun costume-y thing to wear to sell our treasures to bargain hunters. I felt it fit true to size as I'm wearing this in a 4x, but it added too much bulk for me to feel like a princess. 

Years ago I was in a group called The Gothic Ladies Quilting Circle & Badass Society. We were a crafty group that met once a week at various members houses & we had an annual garage sale called, The Goth Girls Garage Sale. The group disbanded years ago & I'd venture to say non of us would call ourselves goth any it had been a while since we had a garage sale. I was always in it for the sangria. I make fabulous sangria (in Kate's hand in first photo)! 
 Dress: Mini Floral Printed Dress by Spruce & Sage via GB

I wore this dress to run errands with Super Boo & hunt down deals at Saver's during their 50% off sale...we have found some amazing deals on clothes for Super Boo there. This dress from one of GB's house brands was hideous on me. Check out those enormous armholes! Both of my arms would fit in one. And the waist was in some strange in-between space between my actual waist & under my bust. Cute pattern. 
Dress: Brenda Dress in Green by Igigi via GB

I wore this dress to tai chi & work. It was incredibly heavy & too much material (& lining) for summer. All that ruching was not flattering on me & the way it clung to my stomach...not attractive. Beautiful color. 
Dress: Aileen Dress in Fuego via GB

I wore this dress to work. Oh, this dress was so not me. It may have looked better with a black belt. I don't own any belts. Awful. Honestly, Igigi makes some of the cutest clothes, but GB no longer carries anything nice by them. Sadness. 


  1. Love your face in the Brenda dress, lol! I want some sangria!

    1. I look how I feel in that Brenda dress. You would love my is the perfect sit on the porch girl talking drink.

  2. You actually look great in the Aileen Dress. It was a disaster on me!

    1. You're sweet. I think sometimes pictures lie :)

  3. I love your style. You are very pretty.

  4. I agree with Karie. Aileen works on you! I do think a wide belt would do wonders for it. Just found your blog yesterday, and have been going through all of your posts. Love your colorful style and your amazing hair! ;)

  5. I agree the Aileen dress looks cute on you