Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Art Fair on the Square

 Dress: Zoe Dress in Canary by Cherry Velvet via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Sandals: Born
Necklace: A Luscious Thing
Earring: Wendy Baker
Photography: Super Boo & Me (iPhone)
I wore this adorable frock to admire art with Super Boo. I'm a Cherry Velvet groupie...I adore their dresses. I find them remarkably flattering on many different body types, including my large pear shape. They use excellent heavy cotton textiles which really hold up to wear & washings. Of course, they wrinkle a bit easier than synthetic material, but it is so refreshing to don a pretty dress in a breathable fabric in the summer. All their dresses have pockets, straps that actually stay on your shoulders, & run 1 size big. I was never a fan of put a bird on it, but this print is just so darling even I was won over. Several women complimented me on this outfit on the streets. 
Super Boo & I needed things to hang on our office walls, so we decided to peruse the Art Fair on the Square. I hadn't gone in a decade & this was S. Boo's first time. I had forgotten how many delightful things there were to look at...so many extraordinarily talented artists! It took us over an hour to go 1/2 a block, but then...I spied with my little eyes...
Loveliness that took my breath away! It was that painting on top that drew me in. The artist, Bruce Holwerda, told us that a woman came at 9am when the show opened, bought this amazing piece ($5500.) & told him she'd be back the next day to pick it up. Oh, to have an art budget that allowed that *swoon*. Luckily for us, he also had limited edition prints on offer. We giddily chose 6 prints, 2 each for Super Boo's office, my office, & our waiting room. I am in love with this artist's work. 
Those pictures on top are made of felt, so pretty. I was drawn to the booth full of all black art...upon closer inspection, I realized it was a collage of toys in an ornate frame, painted black. Super Boo bought us a cutting board from an artist that works in wood, it has been a joy to use. Below, the art of Mikel Robinson blew me away...each piece starts out as a photograph...
Notable fashion. I want that woman's leggings! And look at that flamingo skirt with Ric-Rac! I complimented her on it & she told me she made it herself. Fun! 
Clocks! Vince Pompei makes his clocks out of one of my favorite things...antique silverware. Gorgeous! I would have loved to have taken one home with me. 
Time for a break...lunch at The Old Fashioned. A salad for S. Boo & a Walleye sandwich with cheese curds & garlic dipping sauce for me. 
One winged, one legged bronze sculpture & great balls of stuff.
If I had unlimited money, after buying all of Bruce Holwerda's pieces, I would have taken home this peacock & mermaid by Laura Harris. They are so enchanting...I am tearing up writing this because their beauty overwhelms me....
Gorgeousness by Alla Tsank...
I need beauty in my life to make me feel alive. The art fair left me in a dreamy state that lasted for days & I've been able to bring back a bit of that feeling looking at these photos again. 
So much color! So much pink! I love it...who would have guessed?!

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