Monday, December 5, 2016

My 1st Trip to Nashville & The Mountains of Tennessee

This post is about my week in Tennessee visiting my parents, where I wear clothes...but it's not really about the clothes. Or fashion. My parents bought a home in Tennessee, by accident, a few years ago. They finally sold their house in Upper Michigan & are retired in Tennessee full time. I've never been to this was my first trip. My mom met me in Nashville & we stayed there a few nights before going up into the mountains. 

My view flying in to Nashville...are those houseboats? We saw a lot of those in Seattle...but it's still not something I'm used to. The first thing I noticed about Nashville...there is live music everywhere...of all kinds...not just country. Our hotel was in a beautiful old bank building downtown...look at those gorgeous metal doors...
Since we hadn't made reservations for dinner...everything I wanted to go to was we ended up walking to Wildhorse Saloon. The food & drinks were terrible. I was so excited to eat BBQ...but my mixed BBQ plate with sides of mac & cheese and cheese & grits...all tasted the same...bland. The only fun part of the place was free line dancing lessons between the band's set. I didn't take part...but enjoyed watching. 

Cute doggie in a guitar case...on Broadway on our way to Robert's Western World. This place was awesome! I am not a new country music fan at all...but love traditional country & honky tonk (I wish I knew more about these genres). The band that was playing, Eileen Rose & The Silver Threads, had a standup I knew they'd be fantastic. She sang mostly classic country songs...Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy know...singers I've actually heard of. Look at that adorable older couple dancing...
Next stop...Tootsies...we showed up between bands & it was jam packed with people. After waiting nearly an hour, the band started playing & they weren't very we worked our way to the door. You know how you can usually gently push your way through a crowd? That wasn't happening here because there was no room to smart lady said to me...I'm going to hug you & we'll turn around together & switch places...magically, this moved us along. So Tootsies didn't make a great impression on me, but it's all about the I'm sure it's a fabulous place...just not in our brief time there. 

The following day we walked out the side door of our hotel into Printer's Alley to have lunch at Skull's Rainbow Room. I had wanted to have dinner there the evening before because they have nightly burlesque shows with a live band...which is totally my thing. I was sad that we were not able to attend a that is first on my list for my next visit. 
If you click on the photo below to make it can see the original checkerboard stage...with a wooden catwalk for the performers to wander on. Elvis & Johnny Cash performed on that stage! While renovating several years ago, they found the original food menu behind the stage, patching a hole in the was restored & hangs on the wall. The original owner, Skull, was murdered here in 1998 during a robbery...this place has a fascinating history. The lobster bisque here is amazing. I also had a french dip sandwich which was quite tasty. 
Next up, Discover Nashville bus tour...we considered taking a trolley tour that went all over the city & you could hop on & off throughout the day...but this tour included admission to the Ryman Auditorium & the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Our driver was fun & she drove us by all the major sights & briefly filled us in. The Ryman was a spectacular bit of yesteryear...the short holographic film of its history was great. Look at that adorable hat...I want one! The Ryman was home to The Grand Ole Opry for 31 years & is host to all kinds of entertainment events now. I'd love to see a band here. I bought a Ryman Auditorium "The Soul of Nashville" Hatch Show print & a few magnets in the gift shop. 
The houses a museum inside...but we just stopped here briefly...I would use this as a backdrop for my photos all the time if I lived here.
Musica statue, taken from the bus in the Music Row area. 
I will admit...I was not particularly excited about the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum...but it was fantastic. There was a special exhibit entitled Dylan, Cash, & the Nashville Cats...which highlighted both their careers, Dylan's recording in Nashville, Cash's TV show, & their friendship...which I had no idea existed.
That's Elvis' 1960 Cadillac has a record player & a gold-plated TV in the back seat. 

To be continued...there are SO many photos to go through...I'm working on it. 

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