Friday, September 26, 2014

Elks Teeth & Rabbits Feet

 Dress: Essential Wrap Dress in Leopard Print by Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month, offer ends September 30th)
Teggings: Re/Dress
Sandals: Clarks
All Jewelry: Babil & Bijou
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this sexy wrap dress to see a band with Kate & Angie. I love these Kiyonna wrap dresses & one can never have too much leopard I bought this dress. I adore dresses that can be worn all year & this is going to look adorable with cardigans in the winter...perhaps I'll even branch out & add an accent color other than red. This is a true wrap dress & tied right under my bust... created a flattering silhouette. 
I'm not sure what was up with these gorgeous dead flowers, but they made a fabulous background. 
 Kate looking like a goddess in her ASOS dress from Gwynnie Bee.
Elks Teeth & Rabbits Feet at The High Noon. Otherwise known as Leah Brook Conway & Blair Clark of The Sills. 
This hand stamp from The High Noon made me smile, we should all have You're Lovely written on our bodies at all times...for those occasions when we forget. Me drinking beer...doesn't happen so often...luckily, the girlie helped me finish it. Parting gifts on the way out the door...a rabbits foot & an elk tooth. 
Garage sale treasures from the next morning...several Duran Duran albums, books, cookie cutters, & fancily framed man & wife. 
 Carnival/Circus themed necklaces...

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