Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Slaughterville Canyon

 Sweater: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Ariat
The weather was gorgeous when I was in California for Christmas. Sunny and 60s every day. What a nice break it was from the below 0 temperatures of Wisconsin in winter. I took advantage of it & tried to soak in as much sun as possible. I sat outside in Super Boo's parent's lovely backyard to put on my make-up & enjoy the smoky smell in the air that reminded me of campfires. 
The day after Christmas, S. Boo & I took a drive down an unpaved backroad...descending down the face of a butte going into a canyon...Slaughterville Canyon. What a great name! We pulled over when we saw that gorgeous tree in the second shot & also discovered a waterfall. 
Super Boo is a great driver, so I know that even when he takes risks, I am safe. I screamed joyously as we careened down the unpaved road. It was beautiful & fun. As we traveled back up to his parent's house, the road became paved & I thought the fun part was over. But the twisty turn-y paved road was intended for 2-way traffic on a space only as wide as a single vehicle. We could often not see very much ahead of us because the road was mostly curves. I wanted to take video of how fun/scary it was, but I was too busy being terrified. And having fun. 


  1. thank you for these lovely photos! because of these i just now purchased a skirt from Enwrapture Vintage! can't wait to see it... kinda scared tho' as nothing ever seems to fit me correctly, so fingers crossed here! all the best, kym still

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for commenting. I LOVE my Enwrapture Vintage silk saris, I have about 50 of them! I hope you like yours! The best way to get them is to get a bunch of friends together and buy in bulk...they are soooo much cheaper that way. Perhaps someday I will post here to see if people are interested & do a group order *smile*.