Friday, October 4, 2013

Igigi Dress Lust

Igigi was having a contest on Instagram to win a $1000 gift card to their site *drool*. They are going to announce the winner tomorrow, but I could never be that lucky. They *did* feature one of my photos on their facebook and twitter, but it's probably totally random *sigh*. So I am going to do a little pretend shopping here (to further jinx myself). This is what I am currently lusting after on the Igigi site, roughly in order from MUST HAVE NOW! to REALLY WANT!

I am in LOVE with this print! It reminds me of opulent wallpaper in a decadent Victorian sitting room. I have many options of jewelry that would compliment this lovely creation. This may be my favorite Igigi dress of all time. 

I have gotten this dress from Gwynnie Bee twice now and the color is made for me! It is the perfect shade of coral with black polka dots, how cute is that?! It has a vintage feel that goes perfectly with my jewelry collection. I have worn it with an oversize flower necklace for summer, black cameos for autumn, & I can see wearing this in the winter with a black cardigan and loads of Miriam Haskell pearls. 

Never has Igigi had so many dresses at once that I wish were in my closet. I love the color of this one. As a mock redhead, green is a fabulous color on me and I have some fun ideas for eye make-up with this dress. I am also quite fond of the pattern.

This purple is so rich, so regal. I just figured out why I like myriad Igigi dresses right now. They have many prints currently that are more "me" rather than the abstract prints they do a lot, some of which I am fond of, but I guess I tend to like prints that look like they could be a wallpaper pattern. I have a large purple ornate vintage necklace that would look amazing with this sexy neckline. I have only worn it once because I don't have much purple in my wardrobe and I originally bought the necklace as a gift for Kate, but it was too big for her taste. 

Wouldn't this look fabulous with a red crinoline underneath it? It looks so 50s cocktail party to me. Unfortunately, they are out of nearly every size of this dress, but perhaps they will restock? Anyway, this is just pretend shopping for now. I'd love to have a custom red & black vintage floral necklace & earrings made by the wonderful Wendy Baker to compliment this dress. And red shoes.  
This dress is a dream...mocha & would be a perfect New Year's Eve dress. I prefer long dresses for that holiday, but this one is so stunning & I have the most lovely burgundy Fluevogs that Super Boo got me as a gift years ago that he wonders why I've never worn. They've been waiting for this dress. Oh! And a burgundy vintage metal flower necklace that would complete the look. Oh. I may have to ask for this for Christmas. I hope they restock it in my size! 

This just came in the mail from Gwynnie Bee today and the colors are such an amazingly beautiful & unusual combination. I am excited to go through my jewelry collection to find pieces to bring out the various colors. I will take photos over the weekend. 

I don't have a basic black dress in my wardrobe currently. How sad is that for a former goth girl? I have black with prints and black velvet, but I need a little black dress for obvious reasons. 

There is something about this dress. I think it's the color combination. Normally, I would say this is too many prints that have nothing to do with each other, but I'm drawn to it. 

So many dresses, so little money. But a girl can dream of winning, can't she? Also, I'd want to get a pretty frock for Kate too. I hope whoever wins posts pictures of their fabulous new wardrobe. 

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  1. Love these dresses by IGIGI! Gorgeous.