Monday, June 12, 2017

The Legendary Shack Shakers with Jesse Dayton

I never got photos of this outfit other than the ones Jason took of me & Kate...but this is the one & only Shitty Barn show the girlie & I will go to together this these pictures are perfect. Also, I put this outfit together for a cold spring night...not the way I would have worn it out & about. Unless it was a cold spring night at a concert in a barn. 
Aw, girlie...I miss her so. She is gone for 6 months hiking the Appalachian Trail. If you want to follow her adventures, add her on Instagram...kisforkate. She was supposed to be gone for this show, but since her kitty was sick & she postponed it...she was I nabbed a ticket from a guy who couldn't go & surprised her. 
Enos Farms just does tacos all the time now...which is fine with me as they are delicious...I had a pork taco. Cute Angie & Toby. 
Kate & I braved wine in a can. Backpack wine in a can seemed appropriate for her upcoming trip. was alright. Kate is a wine snob, so I am used to drinking good wine with her now...spoiled. 
Full of cuteness...
Alan introducing the first band...Jesse Dayton. Everyone was dressed up because it was Derby Day & apparently that's a thing in Spring Green. I'm not sure why...other than Wisconsin will use any excuse to that is probably why.
J.D. Wilkes & The Legendary Shack Shakers...we see them whenever they come around...such great energy. 
Above photo...note, J.D. is bleeding...but why I took this was because Angie pointed out to me that Marcus Truschinski was standing in the back (white shirt & bow tie)...he's my favorite actor at American Players was just odd to have these two worlds collide. 

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