Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Maker Faire & Antique Flea Market

This post isn't really about what I wore other than to say...this is a good example of my casual equivalent of jeans & a t-shirt. I don't normally blog the outfits I wear on a relaxed day where I don't want to worry if I get dirty. But this blog is also a diary of sorts for me, so since I wore this outfit all weekend, I'm sharing it. 
This pretty butterfly cardigan came from Savers, but it has a hole in it that I've never gotten around to mending...& its lone button needs to be moved farther down...what are the odds of either of those things ever happening???
Saturday with the girlie. This was a few weeks ago & the temperature was about 40, with a high of 52. We made it 1/2 way around the square for farmers' market before veering off to check out the maker faire just a block away. Aaron, the blacksmith, was the first creator that grabbed our! It was cold. He was crafting something out of a railroad spike here...either a wizard bottle opener or a skull knife. 
Drive By Press was there printing t-shirts out of their hand-carved woodcut designs... but more spectacularly...they were printing these humungous flags using a steamroller. That was fascinating to watch. 
This lady welder was the wife of the blacksmith...she made me a butterfly out of a bicycle gear & when Kate remarked it would look good in my herb garden...she put a stake on it. So sweet. 
Kate making music happen with pedaling power. Inside was not quite as exciting as outside had been...but I really liked looking at what Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum had to offer. The FANCY wood type spoke to me & they printed it in red & yellow as I requested. They have over 1.5 million pieces of wood type, along with advertising cuts from the 30s-70s. It's now on my list of places to visit. 
More wine tasting. This favorite! Then lunch at Shük where Kate gave me this why?! face...why do I need to take yet another photo of her eating food we've eaten so many times before? Why not?
Sunday adventures with Angie & Toby. We drove to Elkhorn for the opening antique flea market of the season. We missed it entirely last year, but went to the opening two years ago. This place is amazing...but so overwhelming...I want all the things! Those 2 pics on top are of my favorite booth...this woman has all the things I adore...vintage jewelry, old photos, buttons...I spent nearly an hour oooo-ing & aaaahh-ing before making my only purchases of the day. Then there was a bear skin rug. I have always wanted a bear skin rug...& a stuffed peacock. 
STOP. I go crazy for rusty things...& those reflectors? Love. I would have come home with one of those wooden pulleys had Super Boo been there to carry it for me, perhaps next time...if I ever find them again. I got lost meeting Angie & Toby for lunch. That triple heart skipped several beats...& those weathered lions *swoon*. It makes my soul happy to the core to see so many lovely things all in one place...even if they can't all be mine. 
I came home with wedding photos to add to my collection, as well as some jewelry you will no doubt see here in the future. 

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