Friday, December 27, 2013

Girlie Time

Dress: Jessica Howard via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn an extra garment for a month)

Boots: Gripfast in Antique Gold

Jewelry: Vintage

Kate's Dress: Lace Cocktail Dress in Green & Black from Kiyonna via GB

Angie's Dress: Scalloped Boudoir Lace Dress from Kiyonna via GB

Photography: Me, Kate, & Angie
Last Sunday Kate, Angie, & I got together at my house for some girlie time. We put on our make-up together and dressed up. I won this GIANT cupcake from Cupcakes A-Go-Go over 2 years! ago, but they very generously still honored my gift certificate when I called to finally get it made for Angie's birthday. Chocolate Sea-Salted Caramel...yummy, but a bit too rich to have more than a few bites. We got a little fashion show as Angie tried on the 3 dresses in her very first GB shipment for us!
Then we took pictures at the nearby Goodman Community Center...because the lighting is better there than anywhere else we were going to be. 
Notice we all have boots on since it had just snowed a foot. Madison sexy. 
After snapping photos, we went on to Heritage Tavern for cocktails & nibbles. Here is Kate's gorgeous beet salad, adorable octopus necklace, & lovely cleavage. 
I SO enjoyed the risotto we had the previous week, that I just had to have it again. Carnival Squash & Pear Couscous Risotto with saffron cream, pearl couscous, & toasted pumpkin seeds. I know it probably doesn't sound that was the thing I was least looking forward the first time we ordered it. It is & creamy...the perfect blend of savory with a touch of sweetness. 
When we were finished, our waiter came over with Dan Fox (the chef & owner) & a shot for each of us...their signature house shot, Malört, & we all did a shot together. Except I sip my shots...I like to savor the taste. Malört (the Swedish word for wormwood) tastes very herbal & reminded me of a tincture I used to get at Community Pharmacy to boost my immunity...but good. So, Dan Fox came over and MENTIONED THIS BLOG by name! I think perhaps it was because I Instagramed a photo last time we were here. In any case, it was lovely & I felt like a celebrity!
2 sexy girlies. 
After Heritage I took a bunch of fun photos of Kate outside The Bartell Theatre. Look how cute she is!!


  1. Hi - I actually stumbled across you reading through reviews on GB...I always like to check out ones from people my size instead of at the other end of the spectrum. I have you bookmarked, since you appear to be way better at taking pics of you and your peeps in your outfits than I am! :) PS - I wasn't sure about that Jessica Howard dress but now that I see it on you...INTO THE CLOSET!

    1. The Jessica Howard dress was fun for 1 wear. I'd like to get it again just to take pictures of me in it in a snowstorm...I think the black fanciness of it against all that white would be fun. I really appreciate your comment *smile*.