Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Girl In Every Port

 Dress: T-Bags Los Angeles via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free month)

Leggings: Roamans

Socks: had them since hs in the 80s

Shoes: Fluevog

Earring & Necklace: Babil & Bijou

Nail Polish: Gizzards & Lizards from Colors by Llarowe

Kate's Day Dress: Kiyonna via GB

Kate's Night Dress: Coldwater Creek via GB

Photography: Me & Kate
Kate & I started off Saturday in our usual way...farmer's market. When the market is indoors, there are bands. There are bands outside too, but they just show up & are not scheduled. This band looked fun, so we plugged the meter & stayed a while. The Sills. They were so good & after joining their fb page, I learned they are playing at Tempest on Friday...I can't wait to see them in a better venue. The pink in her socks matches her hair. 
Another T-Bags dress...with unfinished sleeves & hem. Weird. This was a fun one time wear...great colors & pattern. In my previous life (before GB), I would have NEVER worn any of these colors...waaaaay too cool. But I thought it looked good on me & it's fun to play with these eyeshadow colors as well. I choose to wear Madness (blue) & Betrayal (purple) from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette. 
This building is across the street from the house we used to live in on N. Hancock St. Notice the rectangles match the shape in my dress...& also my necklace and the buckles on my shoes. 
 Most of the photos I took of Kate were of her shivering...

After market, we went to the maul (yes, at the worst time of the year) so Kate could belt shop & we could check out the sale at Lane Bryant. Here we are in matching dresses we did not buy. Even at 50% off, most of LB's stuff is overpriced for the quality. I do well with their sweaters & cardigans though. Kate got some great deals on belts ($5!), stockings, & leggings at JCPenny. She got a cute black glittery sweater at LB & I got this chevron striped t-shirt below. 
Look how well it matches my nails! This is my first polish from Colors by Llarowe. I *swore* I was not going to get into indie polishes, but e hooked me after I saw her gorgeous color at Thanksgiving. This holo polish is just stunning in person & it has been 5 days today since putting it on & it is just now starting to chip on 2 nails...otherwise it has been perfect for days & days! Unheard of!
Kate changed her outfit in the evening to more closely match the occasion...
...a double feature of Howard Hawks films. Fig Leaves & A Girl In Every Port. The second movie had the lovely Louise Brooks playing the female role. The theme of the 2 stories were...girls are trouble. We were treated to a live piano player who performed for both features. 


  1. I am sad that you did not use any shivering pictures.

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  3. Just got this from GB myself today. Excited to try it. Have been enjoying your blog since I started GB. ;)