Thursday, February 16, 2017

Poppin' Some Tags

 Dress: Evelyn Dress in Bordeaux Estate by Igigi (size 26/28) via eBay
Cardigan (wool): Rafaella (vintage 80s), thrifted
Tights: Catherines
Boots: John Fluevog, vintage 90s
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Me
Bracelet: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I am kinda in love with this outfit. I had this Igigi dress from GB back in autumn of 2015 & I remember thinking the lace bits up top were odd, but liked everything else. I got this dress from a 3 item Igigi lot on eBay...there was one dress I wanted, one I already owned, & this one. FYI, someone has this dress for sale in a 26/28 on eBay right now for only $21. I don't want to link to it because I don't know the seller...but if you happen to like this dress, it's a steal. 
This cardigan is spectacular. I found it at Savers & it nearly didn't come home with me because it's mostly wool & there's a lot of grey areas...which is not a good color for me. But now that I've worn it...I just adore how the pattern is all many designs on cardigans, especially argyle, are just on the front. 
I wore this outfit to work, run errands, wait at the Social Security office (to change my name), farmers' market, and...Savers shopping & lunch with Super Boo. 
How I clothing thrift...the first basket...I throw everything into the cart that is a possibility. Then I try it on, narrow it down...& show David what I've got...he helps me decide on the things I'm on the fence about. This first picture below is all stuff to wear to bed...the olive & pumpkin velvet leggings were an exciting find...they may be too fabulous to never leave the house. 
Cardigans & tops...I've been searching for a grass green cardigan forever...
I just learned today that a fellow blogger, Janeane from Designing From My Closet, has started a thrift box service...for $100 she will send you some unique thrifted pieces that match your style. I think that is an awesome idea & I hope it really takes off for her. 

I would love to find a fellow thrifter that is not my size who could shop for me in their area, & in turn...I would do the same. Hit me up if you're into that. 
My make-up with this outfit included...NYX eyeliner in Brown & Jet Black; Anastasia eyeshadow in Primavera, Venetian Red, & Realgar; Anastasia Brow Wiz in Auburn; NXY Brow Pencil in Auburn; Cruella & Majella lipstick from Nars; & OPI nail polish in Friar, Friar, Pants on Fire. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Our New House

 Dress: Border Flocked Dress in Red Velvet by City Chic (size XXL) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Jacket: Midnight Velvet, thrifted 
Tights: Catherines
Boots: Dr. Martens
Earring: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Necklace: Cute shop in Sausalito, CA
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I had this dress from GB at the same time City Chic was having their marvelous end of season I picked up my very own for only $20. The (oh, so, soft) knit jersey fabric makes it an everyday dress for me, rather than special occasion...despite the velvet flocking...but I think every day should be fancy. This sleeveless dress could be worn year round...& the back is the same v as the front neckline. Fabulous fit & flare that stops just at my preferred length. I nabbed this gorgeous velvet Stevie Nicks jacket for under $10 at Savers...what a find!
Back at the library again...this time, not so much for the cold...but because we lost the light of day. I wore this outfit to work on this day, then again the next day to close on our new house. 
Lunch with our realtor before the final walk-through...& later, sparkling riesling with Angie & Toby at the new house. So. Much. Mosaic. 
My favorite part of the house...the fireplace on the finished side of our basement...this will be our tv & hangout has a door to the backyard & a bedroom that I'll be turning into my craft room. 
NYX & Maybelline sale at Ulta...I stocked up on mascara & eyeliners. Dinner at the Habaneros by our new house. We won't move in for a bit yet...we are remodeling the kitchen first, but hope to get our current house up for sale before summer. 
My make-up with this outfit included...NYX eyeliner in Jet Black, Kat von D eyeshadow in Medusa & Ankh, Year of the Dragon eyeshadow by Mon Ennui, NYX lipstick in Perfect Red, & You Make Me Vroom nail polish by OPI. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Flames Attract Flames

 Dress: Zig-Zag Print Sweater Dress by Gabby Skye (size 3x) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Leggings: Torrid (size 4x)
Boots: Steve Madden
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Wendy Baker
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I end up wearing a lot of dresses a size too small because so many brands stop right before they get to me. My wish is that all brands would make all sizes...but I know that is just a dream. Had this dress actually come in my size...I most likely would have bought it because it looks like flames. I like flames. Why don't I have any flame leggings?! It was a bit too tight, thus a tad too short...but otherwise...this was a great sweater dress. 
Ducking inside the library for photos because it was too cold to be outside. 
Another trip to Deconstruction, Inc. David texted me a photo of this fireplace surround while I was working...& I gasped. I went with him to look at it in person, but I was already in love. They had just taken it out of a home in Fort Atkinson...can you imagine how many beauties like this are gone forever? We are going to put it in our living room. I still cannot believe I get to look at this work of art every day for the rest of my life. I feel very lucky. 
Both David & I were immediately attracted to the man in the reminded him of William Blake's work & I was taken with the flames surrounding him & continuing around the is just stunning in person. It is currently living in the basement of our new home...along with all this ceiling many exciting plans for our new place. 
The above woodcut is by the current artist-in-residence at our main library, Jenie Gao. Super Boo & I went to a mostly worthless home show & I really liked this metallic floor coating. 
Between clients we went to Cafe Hollander our one & only time for a late lunch. The best thing about it was this repurposed ceiling as we walked in. The food The cheese curds were decent, but both our main meals were nothing special. David ordered his burger rare & it came well done (the manager very nicely remade his meal & didn't charge us). My chicken tater tot skillet could not be just tasted like least there were sweet potatoes. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero; Kat von D eyeshadow in Bloodmilk, Medusa, & Ankh; MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque; Cruella & Majella lipstick by Nars; & Little Red Wagon nail polish by OPI. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Deconstruction & Pieces Unimagined

 Dress: Knot Front Dress in Navy & Red by Lucie Lu (size 5x) via GB Shop
Cardigan: Liz & Me, thrifted
Tights: Catherines
Shoes: Boden, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I last wore this dress when I rented it from GB, it was the final 2 girlies 1 dress post...maybe forever? Kate no longer subscribes to GB, so I doubt we'll have too many of the same items of clothing...but it could happen. I wanted to keep this dress when I had it from GB, but they wanted too much for it...I finally snapped it up from the shop for $22...totally worth it. Lucie Lu has gone out of business & I adore these knot front dresses...I have several of them, but this one is my favorite because of the orange (they call it red, but it is definitely orange). Great sweetheart neckline & length. 
I liked this cardigan with it so much that I wore it again...but with different accessories at least. 
City Chic had the best end of year sales...this was my first of several orders, two dresses...
And Modcloth sales too...cute olive shoes, two cardigans, & two dresses...
David & I went browsing at Deconstruction Inc., & left with a sink for our bathroom & some glass blocks for our bathroom shower window. That stained glass is enormous & gorgeous...I'd love to see it installed wherever it ends up living. 
We also expressed an interest in buying all of the tin ceiling they had in stock...which we ended up picking up on another day. We may be crazy idea is to do the entire ceiling in our dining room & living room in overlapping tin tiles. I'm excited! 
Lookie loo-ing at Pieces many fantastic expensive. I'm in love with this antique vanity...I don't usually like stained & painted wood together...but this works. I'm hunting for a vanity & this might be my inspiration when I redo it. This was one of the more reasonably priced pieces at only $725. 
The make-up I wore with this outfit included...Kat von D eyeshadow in Nebula, Velour, Synergy, & Flash; Apricot lipstick by Bite Beauty; NYX lipstick in Perfect Red; Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Auburn; Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native; & Give Me Space nail polish from OPI. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Long Cardigan

 Dress: Mirrored Glass Tunic (size XXL) by City Chic via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Cardigan: Long Cardigan in Deep Orange by Jessica London via Full Beauty, gift from Super Boo
Leggings: Torrid
Boots: John Fluevog
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo, Kate, & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64 
I already knew I disliked these tunics from City Chic...but the colors were just so pretty that I had to try it anyway. I'm in the minority as most girls are in LOVE with this just isn't for me. I don't understand how hanging saddlebag pockets are a good thing...perhaps it's because I don't get the pocket fascination? That didn't stop me from wearing this dress on three different days. 
David got me this fabulous long orange cardigan for Christmas & I love it...I've always shied away from long cardigans as I didn't think I liked them...but I do. This one is my favorite color & I can just throw it over anything...I think the v-neck is key...look how lovely it flows in the wind...
This day was frigid & super windy...David caught some of my suffering for beauty faces...
I kept telling myself I didn't need these...but could I say no to Pumpkin Spice lipstick & eyeshadow limited edition?
Adorable doggieeeee! Super Boo & I checked out Woodcraft for tools & paint & found a bonus shop dog. Lunch at Indian buffet, then picking out our countertop colors...left is the kitchen & purple is for the main bathroom...Princetown. 
 Dinner at OM with the girlie & a ginger chai martini. 
Co-op stop with Kate after dinner (I don't know why I'm including all these photos...I usually edit a bit better since I take photos of EVERYTHING). David & I picked out the paint colors to go with our kitchen counters...
I'm fairly certain I didn't wear this outfit to have wine with Kate & Zelda...but I don't know what I did here it is. Someone spooged my car while I was at Kate's...I didn't quite know what it was until I got brave enough to smell it & discovered it was just shaving cream. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Abyss, Magnetic & Galaxy eyeshadow by UD, Watt & Twinkle eyeshadow by Kat von D, NYX eyeshadow palette in The Brights (3 colors), Bite Beauty lipstick in Aubergine, & OPI nail polish in This Color's Making Waves. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Outfit of the Week

 Dress: Starlet Dress in Baroque Floral Print by Kiyonna (size 4x) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Cardigan: Avenue
Jacket: City Chic (size XXL)
Tights: Catherines
Boots: Steve Madden
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I couldn't stop wearing this dress...& it wasn't even a favorite...sometimes I just feel too lazy to think of what to I keep wearing whatever GB I have at home. I was hoping to fall in love with this dress because I adore Kiyonna *and* paisley...however, there was too much that didn't work for me...the worst offender being...the top was kept falling off my shoulders & even when it was up there (barely hanging on) bra straps showed. Then there's the back...which would be perfectly darling on a sexy dress...but this feels more like a work/day dress. It's confusing. The print was spectacular, the length was perfection, & the flutter sleeves were fabulous. 
Perhaps I should have taped it to my shoulders so it stayed up like in this photo? 
Then there's this City Chic jacket...which I sent back without wearing anywhere except for a few photos. It felt & looked like melted plastic...& the boxy shape (plus shoulder pads) made me feel like I was an extra on Dynasty.
A bit of Savers sale's funny how you never know at the time when you buy something...what will turn out to be a favorite. I nearly didn't get the argyle sweater (because I dislike grey)...but I've since worn it & think it's magnificent. 
I needed to take a trip to Sephora because Bite Beauty had 2 holiday tins of lipstick this year & this one was not yet available during the last 20% off sale. I also got that single Bite Beauty lipstick for free. I wish all lipsticks came in this mini size...I have only used up 3 entire lipsticks in my makeup wearing life (35 years). 
Dinner at Sal's. I told our waitress we had "special permission" to order our favorite pizza & Patrick came out of the kitchen to see who had special permission...he agreed to make it for us & told us it would be back on the menu in the summer when heirloom tomatoes are in season again. Then he surprised us with sweet of him...scallops are one of my favorite foods & these were suburb. We also tried the short rib ragu as it was a new menu item. I love Sal's. 
 The December Sephora Play! box...
I am in the winter edition of FabUplus magazine as a Fashion Do. The lovely Liz from With Wonder and Whimsy  asked me back in the summer if I'd like to send her a photo of me in sequins for this article she was writing for them...I was honored she asked me. Look, I'm in a magazine! I think it's still on the shelves for a few more weeks. 
I also wore this dress to apply for a marriage license with David, then have Indian buffet for lunch, & check out our countertop options...we want that fancy edge in our kitchen & bathroom. David is going to make our kitchen cabinets & I'm going to paint & distress them...I like the look of the red door...
Obviously it doesn't come across in a still photo, but these drippy lights were fabulous...Kate had sent a video of them to me because they reminded her of one of our favorite fireworks...slowly dripping down & I had to see them in person. Also, marvelous metal bird sculptures. 

This adorable couple were at the farmers' market all dressed up to dance to the music of Moldy Jam. 
 My gift from our Secret Santa exchange on The Girls of GB
Crafting brunch at Angie & Toby's...always with cute in sweaters. Molly's sweater is handmade by grandma. Angie & I worked on ornament wreaths...I started this one last year & I finally finished it. I had a lot of furry helpers. David read us letters written during WWII that Angie's friend found in his garage attic. They were scandalously the property of the former owner of his house (who married someone other than the man she was engaged to that wrote her the letters). 
I've been rediscovering things as I pack...including these two pairs of shoes from the early 90s that my dear friend Shane had painted the buckles of gold for me...I kept the square ones, but the Esprit pair went in the donation bag. 
This MAC lipstick in "O" looks like a shimmery golden red in the tube...but it is more of a warm plum on the reading reviews online, it seems this color is different on everyone. I think it will become a favorite of mine. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero; Prescriptives eyeliner in Kite; Kat von D eyeshadow in Black Metal; UD eyeshadow in Half Baked, Hustle, & Virgin; "O" lipstick by MAC; & Hollywood & Wine nail polish by OPI.