Thursday, April 2, 2020

Three Weeks in Quarantine

 Dress: Tapestry Print Sweetheart Faux Wrap Dress by Leota (size 4L) via GB Shop 
Cardigan: MAK, gifted 
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted 
Earring & Necklace: Wendy Baker
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this dress the same time last spring & I recently purchased it from the Gwynnie Bee Shop. I adore these Sweetheart dresses & this is my favorite print by makes me smile. 
Typically I am looking for a cardigan to go with my dress, but this was the other way around. MAK generously sent me five of their fabulous sweaters...& I thought this dress was a perfect match. 
I was pleased to see that I only wore the same tights as the first time I wore this dress...otherwise, I styled it completely differently. I never look to see how I wore a dress previously...because I'm hoping I'll come up with something new. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Mars; Sugarpill eyeshadow in Acidberry; Wildheart, Breakaway, & Stranded eyeshadow by UD; Stila liquid lipstick in Aria; Bite Beauty lip creme in Burgundy; & Suzi & The 7 D├╝sseldorfs nail polish from OPI. 
David & I did teletherapy while I wore this outfit...but I really just got all made up for this photoshoot. It got me out of the house for a short while! Our first location was blowing my hair all over the place, but around the corner...I was more protected. 
Last Friday...David & I took a drive to Watertown to pick up ground beef from one of the farmers from market. As we pulled up to the building with the meat...we were bombarded by chickens from all sides...if I had gotten out of the car, I would have made a video. These fat chickens were waddling as fast as they could towards us...turns out, it was feeding time. I laughed so hard at this unexpected delight. 
When I wore this dress last spring, it was to see Carsie Blanton at The High Noon...I watched her live on screen this week, playing at a lovely empty theatre. I also watched other live music...including John Davey & Dan Rodriguez. 
The supremely talented Wendy Baker made me this spectacular spring creation...I am in cannot capture its beauty. 
I'm in pain (knee), I can't leave the house, nothing to look forward it's no surprise I am buying jewelry...because house leaving will happen again. Some day. 
There will most likely be no forward motion to address my knee pain as long as the pandemic is here. I have an appointment in 2 weeks to get a promising shot (PRP) in my knee, but the likelihood of that happening is quite low as it is considered non-essential. So, I'll just keep buying pretty things.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Two Weeks in Quarantine

 Dress: Vivacious Pink Zebra Kara Dress by Leota (size 4L) via Gwynnie Bee
Leggings: Torrid (size 4x)
Shoes: Merona, thrifted 
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Age Before Beauty, former Etsy shop
Bracelets: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
Zaftig Zebra in Fuchsia...another lovely Leota faux wrap dress. Fabulous fit & length...however, if I had actually worn this to work & had to sit down opposite someone...I would have worn a black camisole as it gaped quite a bit. The color & print...outstanding. 
I was going to wear this to wine tasting two weeks ago...but you know how it goes was my first event that didn't take place...then this dress sat around unworn because it's been weeks since I left the house & it's too bright & patterned to transfer well to teletherapy. So...I wore it to leave the house & have these photos taken. That's all. It makes me feel better to dress up & put make-up on...even if I have nowhere to go.
I now know how dogs feel...we're leaving the house...holy buckets!!!!!! I can't believe we get to go for a ride in the car!! Oh, look! Another dog! People! Squirrels!
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion, Kat von D eyeshadow in Hard Magic, Inheritance & Bahamas eyeshadow by Anastasia, Ofra liquid lipstick in Santorini, & Pompeii Purple nail polish from OPI. 
And here you have my & mail is all I've got. I was SO excited when The Shitty Barn started adding shows (they haven't even announced shows yet because of the lockdown)...& then they immediately took them down. But...I can still listen to the bands that *might* still play...a girl can dream. My Play! box & my Ulta order for 1/2 price eyeshadow primer & lip primer...& what the heck...I needed free shipping so I added a couple 20% off eyebrow pencils. All of this make-up was stuff I actually I'm still sticking to my year of no new make-up. 
How are you all holding up? It was two weeks yesterday since we've been in quarantine. Other than spending too much time online (looking for curtain fabric)...what I've enjoyed most is all the online concerts. I can't even remember them all...Amanda Palmer, The Lowest Pair, Them Coulee Boys, Dan Rodrigez, Sean Hayes, Davina & The Vagabonds, Charlie Parr, Unwoman, Carsie fabulous! Of course, it's not the same as sitting in the front row...I need the energy & connection from a live show...but, it's what we've got right now & I'm grateful for it. All those shows...& I only took my first photo yesterday of Amanda...quarantined in New Zealand with Neil, Ash, & his nanny. 
Oh! And check out Alton Brown's YouTube channel...he & his wife have done two live shows of them cooking dinner...they are hilarious. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Quarantine: Day 11

 Dress: French Bulldog Print Gray Fit & Flare Dress by Eva Rose (size 4x) via Gwynnie Bee
Cardigan: MAK, gifted
Tights: We Love Colors in Teal
Shoes: Clarks Artisan, thrifted
Earring: Wendy Baker
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'6" 55-50-64
Another cute & comfy Eva Rose dress...the material on this one felt like a flannel that even a thing? I don't typically wear grey, but French Bulldogs?! The fit was spot on on this only issue was the neckline lining kept popping out. This would be fun to wear in the summer with teggings & Converse. Not pictured: this dress also has a v-back & is sleeveless. 
I'm still wearing an Unna Boot, but took off the top layer of Ace bandage before getting dressed. 
I decided as long as I was wearing grey...I'd add in another color I never blue. Going out of my comfort zone in quarantine times. It's the end of the world as we know it?
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion; Violet Voss eyeshadow in Pets, Parties, & Friends; NYX Cosmic Metals lip cream in Electromagnetic; Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Chrysanthemum; & Teal the Cows Come Home nail polish by OPI. 
I bought this Cow Cow popcorn dress last fall & I found this pin just before film fest was cancelled. This is how excited I get about WI Film Fest...I buy theme outfits for it. 
A bright spot in these dark times...MAK Sweaters contacted me about doing an Instagram collaboration with them. So, of course I said yes...& these pretties came to me in the mail. Now, I would have never picked the top two pastel cardigans...but it's good to change it up & of course I ADORE the bottom three. I was already a big fan of MAK cropped cardigans & this makes me want to buy them in every color. 
I wore this outfit on days 10 & 11 of #staythefuckhome. David & I took a ride in the car & we did some photos of our grey-blue dogs with my grey-blue outfit...because what else do we have to do? Oh, right...therapy...I also wore this outfit to do teletherapy. 
Adorable doggies...Violet & Rye...

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It's The End of The World As We Know It...

 Dress: Pink Multi Color Block Fit & Flare Dress by eShakti (size 28) via Gwynnie Bee
Cardigan: Torrid (size 4x), thrifted
Tights: Catherines
Shoes: Gap, thrifted
Necklace & Earring: Wendy Baker
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I enjoyed wearing this stretch cotton pointy colorful dress. The fit & length were great & I especially liked how all the arrows in front met in the middle of the waist. It came to me a bit wrinkled, but once I steamed those out...they barely came back. The sleeves were rather short, so I felt it needed a cardigan...even though it was in the 60s on this day. 
Still wearing an Unna Boot. I've been going into my clinic three times a week to have a new one put on by the fabulous Nurse Robert, however...last Wednesday was my last day going there. David got us all the supplies to do it at home. My doctor was not in the office at all last week & when they cancelled my appointment with her on Friday, I suspected something serious was going on in her household & I decided to not go to my nurse appointment. Then I found out over the weekend...through a friend posting my doctor's open letter on her Facebook...that she was exhibiting the symptoms of COVID-19 & went to urgent care. They tested her for the flu & it was negative, but they refused to test her for novel coronavirus. Her plan was to try to get tested over the weekend or drive to Mayo Clinic, where they said they would test her. It shouldn't be this hard. I'm staying away from medical clinics next week. 
Speaking of staying away...this post will be my last for a while of me going anywhere. All the events I was looking forward to have been cancelled...plays, concerts, the film fest, farmers' market. The hardest part for me is I had been staying at home a lot before this because of my leg & I was really excited to go out in the world again. Most of our therapy clients have cancelled for the week...the few that didn't, we called off. David spent all day Saturday taking an online course about teletherapy in case this happened. So far, only one couple elected to do a video session with us. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Delinquent; Too Faced eyeshadow in Totally Fetch & Cotton Candy; Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions eye palette; Big Bang, Speedball, & Disturbed lipstick from UD; & Black Cherry Chutney nail polish by OPI.
More pretties came in the mail for me from Etsy...
My monthly Boxy Charm Box...
David & I went to Spring Green to see The Two Crows Theatre Company's production of Down The Road...also known as our last outing...hard to believe this was only 9 days ago. They cancelled their last play of the season that I was most looking forward to.
The last time we left the house was Thursday to visit Angie & cute! David & I are self quarantined & not leaving the house for at least 2 weeks. It sucks. 
I made us Alison Roman's Salmon with Whole Lemon Dressing...
Good timing...last week we picked up 58 books from the library on making your own curtains. After a few months of working with curtain designers & them not finding fabric we LOVE...I'm going to tackle this on my own...with Angie's help, if we're ever allowed to be social again. Another big factor in our decision to DIY...they wanted $35,000 to do our dining & living room windows...the number kept going up. Crazy, right?! 

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Wisconsin Film Fest Tickets

 Dress: Houndstooth Sweetheart Faux Wrap Dress by Leota (size 4x) via Gwynnie Bee
Cardigan: AGB Woman (size 3x), thrifted
Tights: Catherines
Shoes: Clarks, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: former Etsy shop
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
These Leota sweetheart dresses are always a winner for me. Fit & length were great. However, I don't enjoy B&W like I used to...I *need* color. I could have added color, which I often do...but with my health issues, I'm feeling blah & black is safe.
Until my knee issue gets resolved, I need to walk with a cane. Also, as you can see...I'm still wearing the Unna Boot. Again, I am so grateful to have these size 11 shoes that are way too big on me...they've been there for me through swelling & leg wrapping. RIP Savers, you were the best. 
I was rather fond of my make-up here...wind blown...but it feels like spring here in Madison. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Perversion, Violet Voss Oh Snap eyeshadow palette, NYX lip palette in The Reds, & An Affair in Red Square nail polish by OPI.
I wore this dress to get my Unna Boot changed, to work a few times, & to have lunch with David between clients. I've been going to Vientiane Palace since the 90s...we used to walk to this place from Brian's apartment & get take-out. Shane & I used to come here for our Monday lunches. Now, I eat here maybe once a year...but...the owner still remembers me. Their Pad Thai with tofu is my favorite. 
I also wore this dress to have dinner with Angie & Freddie...& let's be honest...Val. 
I perused the Wisconsin Film Fest guide while wearing this outfit, however, I was probably wearing my pajamas while picking out movies. This is my list, David had a much more detailed list that he categorized...I put his level of interest next to my selections to help me narrow it down. We've seen as many as 25 films, but this year kept it to 19. Online ticket ordering usually has me crying, swearing, & nearly going into a full blown panic attack...but this year, their system was a breeze.