Monday, November 22, 2021

Steve Earle // Final Fire of The Year

Dress: Floral Banded Waist Midi Dress by Taylor Dresses (size 18) via Gwynnie Bee
Cardigan: Lands End
Tights: Snag
Shoes: Me Too, thrifted
Earring: Wendy Baker
Necklace: JaelDesigns
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 45-42-59
The earth tone colors in this dress were totally me...sadly, this dress was about 2 sizes too big for me...but I think I made it work with the cardigan giving it some shape. I hate that everything in my closet is now too big on me. Thank goodness for GB & Nuuly.
Since all my cardigans are huge on me...I have to tie them, which gives a decent shape from the front, but not so much the side. I'd like to crop them all & take them in...but that seems like a lot of work just for this winter. 
Leopard is a neutral...I thought it looked smashing with this dress. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Roach; Flyby, Golden, & Sting eyeshadow by UD; Roach lipliner from UD; MAC lipstick in Fresh Moroccan; & OPI nail polish in Tulsa Tootsie Roll-a. 
I first wore this dress to see Steve Earle at The Stoughton Opera House...I had the entire row to myself...again. 
Florence Dore opened...I'd never heard of her before & she was great. Then...Steve Earle...& the music was magical & the reason I go to see live music. Enthralled. 
I also wore this outfit to go to farmers' market with David. Pretty vintage button earring from EtXarte (Teri). 
Sephora was having a sale...& this was the first make-up I've bought from them all year...I've stuck to my no new make-up unless it's a necessity rule...because I have TOO much. An everyday foundation & something new I'm trying out...a tinted moisturizer for days I don't really want to wear much make-up. I accidentally boob dialed Brian...hi, Brian! The final fire of the year...Kate, Jason, & Rye.
David made chicken fajitas over the fire & they were delicious.
Freddie! If David wasn't right there he would repeat...Dave, Dave, Dave...until he was. And when David went into the house for something...Freddie stood at the back door yelling...Daaaaaaavvve over & over. It was adorable. Also adorable...Jason & Kate (wearing a fox dress). 
Selfie with ash in my hair. Freddie roasting a hotdog over the flames & David grilling some shrimp. 
It was a lovely evening with friends around a beautiful warm fire.


Thursday, November 18, 2021

Oak Leaves & Acorns Tattoo, Part I

Dress: Windy Fields Maxi Dress by Maggie London (size 18) via Gwynnie Bee
Cardigan: Relativity, thrifted (size 2x)
Shoes: Born
Earring: Kerala Rose 
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 45-42-59
The coral of this dress is *my* flattering to my skin tone. At first I thought this dress was too conservative for me...but it grew on me. I felt pretty in this dress & that should be the measure for any outfit. Great fit & length. 
This cardigan jumped out at me in my closet. People ask me how long it takes me to put together outfits...not long...I usually go with the first thing that appeals to me. Sometimes it works, other times...
I've got a ton of vintage pearl jewelry...but it usually gets passed over for more colorful was perfect with this dress. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Torch; Lumbre, He Devil, Ounce, & Dirty Talk eyeshadow by UD; Chicory lipliner by MAC; NYX lipliner in Pumpkin; So Chaud lipstick from MAC; & OPI nail polish in It's a Piazza Cake. 
My monthly Nuuly box arrived...I wore all 6 of these dresses (& I'm getting this month's box today). I thought this poster at the optometrist's office was off-putting...why does she have a hunk of hair pulled across her forehead? I picked up my contact lenses...& promptly "lost" them...I have no memory of ever seeing them or have any clue where they could be. Tattoo time!
I have been anxiously waiting this tattoo from Mar of oak leaves & acorns on the top of my left foot. I was also a bit scared as I thought it would be incredibly painful...but you know what? It wasn't. It was the easiest tattoo to get & heal that I've ever gotten. Bizarre, right?
They finished the I'll go back for autumnal colors...I adore that acorn under my toe. I LOVE it. Mar is wonderful. 
Some of Mar's tattoos...including mine. How fabulous is that mushroom woman?! I'm full of envy it's not on my body. 
After the tattoo...I headed over to Angie's where David was already making dinner...pork steaks on the grill with honey nut squash with butter & roasted garlic, & roasted apples...served with an Angie made salad that included fermented ramps...which were delightfully delicious. A version of this meal is my favorite autumnal usually involves pork chops, but Cliff's pork steaks were equally as tasty. Terrible picture of David...but Molly looked so adorable cuddled up to him. 
Freddie was really into the pork fat...I mean, who isn't...but it was so cute. Getting dressed for bed & delightful doggies. 


Monday, November 15, 2021

Taming of The Shrew

Dress: Polka Dot Faux Wrap Dress by eShakti (size 18) via Gwynnie Bee
Leggings: LuLaRoe via eBay 
Cardigan: Sigrid Olsen, thrifted
Shoes: Merona, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklace & Bracelets: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 45-42-59
I didn't think this dress was anything special, but I loved the outfit I made around it. Also, plaid AND polka dots...yes! The dress was too short to wear without leggings & while I appreciated the snap at the often came undone. 
Such a lovely light orange in my Jack Skellingon leggings, cardigan, bracelet, & necklace...with navy in the dress & dots on the leggings, then, of course...dots on the dress, leggings, & bracelet...& plaid in the shoes to match the background in the dress. 
I don't think blue is my best color...but when paired with works. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Goddess, Nars Mediteranee eyeshadow duo, NYX lipliner in Orange County, Bite Beauty lipliner in 72, Nectar lipstick by Sugarpill Cosmetics, Dozen Carnations lipstick from MAC, & OPI nail polish in Orange You Going to The Game?
My October Boxy Charm...pretty eyeshadow palette & I'm already using the brushes. Some hair products I bought from Brian & forgot to share...I'm especially enjoying the Chi Shine Infusion. Snug Haven (our frost sweetened spinach guy) sells eggs now...the yolks were nice & orange. 
I used the hard boiled eggs to make a salad for David & I for our picnic before we saw the last play of the season. There is a holiday play in December, but it's doubtful we'll be having a picnic that day. I made us a Cobb Salad from a recipe in NYT Cooking that I added things to & it was amazing...definitely going into our summer rotation. 
I love how David always tries to match/co-ordinate with me...
First apples of the season. And...the best version of Taming of The Shrew either of us had ever seen. It was an ideal ending to a mostly great season.


Thursday, November 11, 2021

Outside at Heritage Tavern

Dress: Alice Dress in Pink Chipper by Cherry Velvet (size 3x)
Cardigan: ?, thrifted
Tights: Snag
Shoes: Fluevog
Earring & Necklace: Wendy Baker
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 45-42-59
Another long languishing in my closet frock from Cherry Velvet. Again, I waited too long to wear this one, but SO cute. There are *pink* chipmunks in this Tula Pink fabric. I'll get this one altered for sure. I adore CV dresses...perfection. 
And...a chance to wear some of my Fluevogs...this dress deserved fun shoes.
My first time wearing this necklace & earring from wonderful Wendy...the colors in this one are stunning...she is SO good with color combinations. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Love Drug; Cloud, Frosting, & Rose Burst eyeshadow by Lime Crime; NYX lipliner in Orange County; Dozen Carnations lipstick from MAC; Mimosa lipstick by Bite Beauty; & OPI nail polish in Aren't You Going to The Game?
I wore this adorable outfit to eat outside with David at our favorite restaurant, Heritage Tavern. I began the evening predictably with a Love Drunk Punch (Gin, Aperol, Framboise, lime & grapefruit juices, rosemary, Cava). 
And David started with a Tepache Rum Punch (pineapple-infused Rum, honey syrup, lime juice, Angostura bitters, House Tepache). 
Also a predicable first course...delightfully delicious deviled eggs...I just LOVE these things.
This was a special of the day: short rib miitake toast with ground cherry marmalade, horseradish white wine cream sauce, pine nuts, fresh herbs, & pickled ground cherries. 
Next up...Heritage Pork Schnitzel- bacon braised red cabbage, sour cream spaetzle, sauce Robert, & pickled aronia berries. 
And finally...Crispy Pork Belly & Tuna with Foie Gras- Heritage pork belly, sashimi tuna, pickled mango, pineapple-mango compote, & macadamia nut miso. 
David ordered a second drink that he didn't care for & our lovely waitress took it away & brought him another one... a Bourbon Cure-All (Four Roses Bourbon, Averna amaro, lemon juice, & ginger beer).  Everyone is always SO nice there. We were especially fond of Austin, the Maitre'd, who always came to talk to us...usually several times. This visit was the last time we saw him as he has since passed away. I knew Austin back in the 90s as he was friends with one of my nail clients & he'd come to me for manicures. It had been lovely reconnecting with him here at Heritage & I'll miss his beautiful smile, warm conversation, & contagious laughter. On this visit, he complimented us on our shoes & wrote down the brand so he could look them up. RIP Austin...I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for those closest to filled up a room like few people can do. David & I met here since he came from work & we both showed up wearing Fluevogs, unplanned. His are fancier than mine though. 
I also wore this dress to go shooting at the gun range. I know, you wouldn't expect that of me...but I grew up shooting guns & I think it's fun. 
The pop machine at this place cracks me up...we SO do not fit in with the people who hang out here...but they bring their dogs to work, so how bad can they be? I also finally went to the DMV to get the spelling of my name changed. I actually liked the photo they took of me...but I didn't know that when she asked me if I'd like to renew my license (it's due next May), so I said, no...I'm going to hate the photo...& then, I didn't.