Thursday, May 22, 2014

Muffin in Green

 Dress: Lace Print Dress from Lucie Lu via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Cardigan: Avenue
Shoes: Ariat
Necklace: Me
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit to take a free Photoshop class at the library & to check out an art supply store. I wore this dress back in February to Kate's birthday wine tasting. That night, I dressed it up, here I went more casual. I really like this dress, but not enough to buy apparently. Lucie Lu dresses run small, so I am wearing this in a 5x. The fabric on this dress is a fantastic weight, it hugged my curves without being too clingy. The color is just gorgeous & I adore the lace print. 
The downtown library offers a free Photoshop class for 2 hours every Friday. It's fun, but my old brain is *never* going to remember the dozen commands it takes to do every little thing. Awww, puppy...
I met up with Kate so she could take some photos of me & I tagged along to this art shop because I'd never been before. I picked up some dye with plans of dyeing some stockings & other boring items that need some cheering up. 
Way back before there was etsy, I had to buy jewelry making supplies on ebay...that is where I got the pieces for this necklace I made. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 1st: Happy Birthday to Me!

 Dress: Neve Wrap Dress from Igigi via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Shoes: Ariat
Necklace: Age Before Beauty
Earring: Babil & Bijou
Photograpy: Super Boo & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit to turn 44. Mostly, I worked...but when I was done with my long day, Super Boo took me out to dinner. I loved this Igigi looked like Edward Gorey doodling to me. The fabric of this dress was substantial, so I don't think it would be good to wear in summer, but it was perfect for my birthday. I liked the moveable sash as it allowed me to tie it under my bust rather than my waist. The neckline was a bit low, but it stayed in place & did not gap or look sloppy, so I was alright with it. There was a lot of material to this dress, so if I got it again...I would get one size smaller. Adorable. 
I had been craving Ha Long Bay for a while, so that is where I requested we go to dinner. There is always a wait, so it gave us time to snap these photos in the remaining few moments of daylight. And then...Crispy crispy noodles! Pad Lad. I pretty much love anything with these large rice noodles. 
This was a perfect end to my day...dinner with my sweetie. Birthday Dinner Party happened on the following Saturday. Post about that coming soon. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hey There, Tiger...

 Top: Tiger Print Faux Wrap Top from NY Collection via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Dansko
Necklace: Antique Locket
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Super Boo & Me (iPhone & Canon Rebel)
I wore this va-voom top to have my driver's license photo taken, get Sal's pizza for lunch with Super Boo, & run errands. This top was fun & I liked how it fit. The pattern & color were great. I'm wearing this in a 3x & I'd say it runs fairly true to size, but I was happy to have a size down from my usual size because I preferred this top clingy rather than loose to give me a more defined shape. 
This is the Sabal Top from Jaime via GB. It did not leave the house with me except to be mailed back. It was too tight, too short, too thin, & too see-through. I kept my red bra on so you could see how much of it showed. There was nothing I liked about this top. 

Kate below, from the day before. I thought I'd stick this in here because...cute! She has cats on her shirt. 
In Wisconsin we only get new license photos every 8 years. So sad I'll have to wait so long for another unflattering shot. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

To My Sweet Fluffy Ruffles

 Dress: Dina Dress in Cherry Blossom from Cherry Velvet via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Shoes: Born
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone & Canon Rebel)
I wore this springy cherry blossom dress to a craft show & to a postcard show. I love Cherry Velvet dresses, but the fit of this one was not like the others. Normally the dresses fit me tightly on top & are full on the bottom. This one was fairly tight on the bottom too & was not as flattering as they usually are. Cherry Velvet dresses run a size big & I am wearing a 3x. 
I checked out a craft show they were holding in a gay bar, but it was too dark for my old eyes to see very well, so I didn't stay long. I did rather like the lightbulb addition to this old candlestick phone. 
I had never been to a postcard show before, but I had heard of this one through Anthology's Facebook page & I thought it would be fun to go to. There were many chairs in front of the many tables & I could have spent all day flipping through the endless boxes full of interesting postcards. 
I was most fascinated by the ones that had been used & the messages sent so long ago. To My Sweet Fluffy Ruffles...who were you? 
I found a postcard from my hometown of Marquette, Michigan...most of those gorgeous buildings are still standing. And I liked the vintage postcard of Madison's State Street with the green trolley. 
People from the past.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Fun Saturday

 Dress: Swing Dress from ASOS Curve via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Cardigan: Avenue
Shoes: Dansko
Necklace & Earring: Babil & Bijou
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit to go to farmer's market with the girlie, attend an altered book workshop, & have pizza with Super Boo. The pattern on this dress was pretty, but there was no shape to it. Luckily, it was still cool enough to wear a cardigan, which added needed definition. ASOS Curve runs at least 1-2 sizes too big, so I am wearing this in a 24 & even without any stretch it is a bit big on me.  It was a nice one time wear dress.
I really enjoy the street musicians at market. Isn't this accordionist adorable?! Look at that glorious pattern mixing!
Ramp victory!! First ramps of the season (today was the last day, so 4 weeks of ramps). Oh, I love you. 
Blue eyeshadow from Urban Decay's Vice 2 palette. I think I use that palette more than any other. 
Free altered book workshop at The Bubbler in the downtown library. Laura from Anthology taught the class as she & her sister were the artists in residence during March & April. This is something I've wanted to do for was fun to look through all the altered books of Laura's that she brought in to share. I need to carve out a crafty space at home to play. 
Pizza from Salvatore's Tomato Pies. My half is house alfredo, chile & lemon marinated shrimp, Calabrian chilies, scallions, & ramp pesto. Super Boo got a hot cheese injection. Best pizza place EVER. Local ingredients, unusual combinations. 
The blue seemed to call out for moon & star jewelry. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Friday Frock

 Dress: Geo Print Dress from Lucie Lu via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Cardigan: Avenue
Shoes: Dansko
Necklace: Antique Locket
Earring: Babil & Bijou
Photography: Super Boo (iPhone)
I wore this Lucie Lu dress to work. I thought it was ok at the time, but I really like how I look in these photos. I wasn't sure of the color or pattern...but now I've decided it's fun. This is the same style of dress as the green with black lace print. The waist is slightly strange as it falls in-between empire & natural waist, but I think it still works. This dress comes with a matching fabric belt, but the fit is tight enough on me that I didn't think it was necessary. Lucie Lu runs small, so I sized up in this dress...I am wearing a 5. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easter Brunch

 Dress: Ruched Waist Dress in Polka Dots from Jessica Howard via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant
Sandals: Born
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this dress to Easter Brunch at my house. I've had several of these Jessica Howard dresses from GB & I obviously really like them. The ruching is just fantastic. I like the fabric, the length, the fit...the down side is, pointless zipper & the neckline sags slightly. Jessica Howard runs a size big which works out great for me because the line stops at size 24, which is what I am wearing here.
There is a coffee shop in my favorite neighborhood, Mother Fools, that has a rotating graffiti wall. Sinister Easter Bunny was up there for the holiday. 
This is the other side of their building...I liked how the wind was blowing out my skirt. Meep.
I am wearing my brand new MAC Korean Candy lipstick & OPI's A Roll in the Hague. 
I've been having Zombie Jesus Brunch at my house for over a decade. For several years now I've wanted to attempt making cinnamon rolls & this year I finally did! And, oh....they were good. The rising, it was like magic...twice! I've never made anything that had to rise before & I was certain it wouldn't work. Behold...
The brunch menu: I made caramelized onion, shiitake, pork, thyme, havarti strata (& a vegetarian one without pork & with parmesan cheese); scalloped potatoes with 4 kinds of cheese; cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting; bagels with lox, red onion, cream cheese, & capers. Kate brought champagne, sparkling wine, fruit salad with ginger syrup, sweet potato/beet hash, & Gail Ambrosius chocolate/peanut butter eggs & hens, & chocolate covered candied ginger. Jason (the lone vegetarian) made tempeh bacon. Elly & Josh made bread pudding with a marvelous bourbon sauce. Angie & Toby brought a salad with homemade dressing & carrot coffee cake. We had a lot of food. It was all delicious. 
I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the reason for brunch...mimosas! We started off with a nice bottle of champagne, then went into the sparkling wines & mimosas...oh, sparkling there anything you can't do?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

M is for Muffin, Meshel, & Madison

Dress: Gathered Surplice Dress from Lands' End via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Socks: Sock Dreams
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Age Before Beauty
Earring: Jody McGill
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit for the very first outdoor farmer's market of the season, to attend my very first record store day, & stop by the downtown library to get crafty. This dress was incredibly comfortable, but not overly flattering. The colors & print were great, but I felt like this was a more casual dress...something you'd throw on to take a road trip. Lands' End dresses run at least one size too big, I am wearing a 3x. 
I'm not sure what I'm doing here, but Kate must have really liked this pose because she took a bunch of was 3 weeks ago...I don't have that good of a memory *smile*. Was I imitating the Y? Or was this my why? look? (edited to add: Kate confirmed on Facebook that it was my whyyyyyyy look for the Y. Good thing she's 6 years younger than me & can still remember things!)
I found out through Amanda Palmer's Facebook that Rhino would be releasing The Dresden Doll's first CD on vinyl for Record Store red/black vinyl!! I was excited! I was so excited that I called all the area record stores to find out how many copies they were getting & what time they opened. 3 stores stated they were getting one copy each. The first place opened at 7 & I slept through my alarm, but made it to the 8 a.m. opening & saw my precious snatched up by someone ahead of I was down to my last hope...B-Side at 9. I was #7 in line, so I was extremely hopeful. At both the stores I went to, I was the only woman in line. I was not aware buying records was a man thing. Also, I learned from a guy behind me at B-Side that he had gotten up at 3 a.m. to drive to Madison from Chicago & when he arrived at Strictly Discs at 6, the line was already around the block. 
Little bitty tulips poking out of the dirt at farmer's market. 
Kate & I wandered over to the library because they were offering a free class on sharpie dyeing silk scarves...but I was distracted by this...a square punch & soooooo many photos. I need a square punch in my life. 
I taped some of my snippets onto this computer punch card dealie. I loved all the architectural elements. Kate had to tear me away...I couldn't stop punching.
The ladies from Anthology were the artists in residence at the library for 2 months. Laura made this lovely hanging garland out of batik paper she made. It was soooo gorgeous in person. 
My is always trying to escape.
The front of this pretty necklace is cut out from an antique Valentine's Day card...but look how lovely the back is too...