Sunday, December 22, 2013

Friday the 13th

 Sweater: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Belmont Skirt in Cabernet from Igigi via Gwynnie Bee

Shoes: Ariat

Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage

Earring: etXarte

Photography: Me & Kate
The girlie evening started out at Square Wine for wine tasting. Doesn't Kate look like an adorable Dalek? She eventually bought this dress from GB in a size smaller. I really liked this Igigi skirt. It was tighter than the skirts I normally wear, but I was ok with that. I felt very sexy secretary. I was in LOVE with the color and wallpaper-like pattern. I nearly wore this with a black turtleneck, but then I found this fun cut-out sweater I forgot I had. I like it. My closet could be better organized. I have too much stuff & I don't know how to purge. 
After wine tasting, we decided to take our chances & pop into Heritage Tavern. Ha! On a Friday night without reservations. We had a backup plan. Somehow, as busy as it was, they fit us in. We started off with these 2 incredible herby drinks. On the left is Fox Trot (Art In The Age Sage, Reyka, Pimm's, Lavender, Ginger, Lemon) & on the right, Rosemary's Baby(Luxardo Bitter, St. Germain, Rosemary, Tullamore Dew, Prosecco Lemon). We shared them & could not pick a favorite. 
We ordered a dozen deviled eggs, duck confit, and squash & pear risotto. Every single thing we put in our mouth was heaven. Really. It was perfect. I have not had a favorite restaurant since Magnus closed, but a few more flawless meals here & Heritage Tavern will have that title. Just look at that plate of deviled eggs!
To end the evening, we went to Tempest. After all the delightfully delicious food at Heritage, we dared to order a dozen oysters and sparkling wine. And Key Lime Pie. 

Our reason for the entire evening was to come to Tempest to see The Sills play. We had heard them at the farmer's market the week before and thought they were great. They sound to me like a mix of 16 Horsepower & X. It made my night when they were setting up & the guy sitting down on the right said something like, there are those ladies from the farmer's market, they liked us right away. It's true. We did. 

What a delightfully decadent night this turned out to be. Thank you, girlie. 

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