Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ivory Room

 Top: Aubrey Blouse in Poppy Delight by Igigi (size 26/28) via Gwynnie Bee Try then Buy (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Skirt: Enwrapture Vintage Sari Skirt
Sandals: Born
Earring: etXarte
Necklace & Bracelets: Vintage
Photography: Brian & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this ensemble to have lunch with Brian, Neil, & Michael...then to go out in the evening with Brian. The next morning I also wore this to farmers' market (with no make-up). I hated this top...until I tried it on & wore it all day. Then I bought it. I don't have anything like this in my closet...a button up blouse, so when GB had a 35% off on at home items sale & it was only $30...I made it mine. I received several compliments from strangers who all thought it was a dress. The fabric is very light & sheer, but I wore an orange creamsicle color bra & it was barely visible...for work I might add a camisole. The beautiful rich colors will make a fantastic transition piece into fall with a cardigan. 
Brian took these pictures of me across the street from Neil's apartment when I picked him up. It was going to rain any minute, so I thought it might be my only photo opportunity. 
We met Neil & Michael at Maharaja for Indian buffet...full of yum! I guess I could have asked them to pose for a picture instead of catching them while they were eating, oops. At this point I thought we were all going to go out to a fancy dinner on Sunday night, so I planned to take nicer photos then...but that never happened. I met Michael when I was 18, the same night I met my boyfriend of 10 years, a high school friend's (also named Michael) apartment on our way to a Halloween party. Michael told Michael & Chad that Shane & I were mean & hated everyone, so they wouldn't want to meet us. We think he was just afraid we might like them better. Michael told me all kinds of things that have slipped my elderly could I have forgotten that I saw The B-52's & Psychedelic Furs with Shane, Michael, Chad, & Kate?!! And that Chad & Kate were upset because we were late getting to Milwaukee & missed part of The Furs set? I *did* remember seeing Culture Club, Howard Jones, & The Human League in Chicago...but forgot that Shane's boyfriend Jeff went with us & that Brian & I drove separately & got lost. It stinks having a swiss cheese brain. 
That night, Brian & I checked out The Ivory Room for dueling pianos. We got there early to nab a good table & pitcher of sangria. I took the shot above before the place filled up (look, there's Brian!). For $20, you could get your friend on stage for them to sing a birthday song to. Later in the night it was a girl's 21st & they played a song I requested...I like big butts & I cannot lie...the girl was so embarrassed when he instructed her how to dance on stage & then told her to do a butt drop...when she wouldn't, he it, they'll go's okay if you flash everyone your vagina on your 21st birthday. Poor girl. She did it. 
It was an odd mix of all ages...but the only annoying group were these 4 middle aged women who still dressed & acted like they were college cheerleaders. Is there a name for that? They were dancing around, getting on stage, doing shots. Brian kept saying...I know that woman...I think she was a Real Housewife of Orange County...turns out, she was. The Ivory Room was fun & I would do it again with a group of people. In many ways it was better than karaoke because you could just sing along in your seat. However, my first request, Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie (or any Bowie song)...was not a big hit with the crowd. The guy ended up playing Space Oddity & immediately said...if you pay me, I'll stop playing this song...& someone did. On the other hand, that same piano player told Brian he requested his favorite song...Elton John's Your Song. 
Farmers' market in the rain with Brian & the girlie. 
After market we went to Square to pick up some wine Kate bought & to drink some leftover tasting wine from the previous night. Then bagel sandwiches from Gotham...who have a humungous Sopranos poster signed by James Gandolfini. 
My make-up this day included...NYX Pretty Violet eyeliner, MAC Coppering & UD Thrash eyeshadows, Bite Beauty Apricot lipstick, & My Gecko Does Tricks by OPI on my nails. 

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