Monday, November 30, 2015

Gogol Bordello

 Dress: Neon Check Dress by City Chic (size XXL) via Rita @ FabFatshion
Cardigan: Willow Bay, thrifted
Teggings: Re/Dress
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Dr. Marten
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: Babil & Bijou
Bracelet: Kate
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this ensemble to work & see a band with Angie & Toby. I rented this dress from GB earlier in the year, but have been missing it ever since I mailed it back. This was my very first City Chic dress AND my first experience with scuba fabric. This is a fabulous fit & felt like a hug on the upper part of my body, great length...basically...perfect...I mean, it has pops of orange! If you are looking for good deals on awesome clothing...Rita & the group FabFatshion is the place to go. She & her friend Loraine scour the liquidator outlets & find marvelous retired GB clothing in excellent shape. 
In line for Gogol Bordello! When I discovered Angie & Toby were next door at Lao Laan Xang having dinner...I threw my wrap across our chairs & headed over. Since I came right from work, I was planning on popcorn at the theater for dinner. They generously shared their food with me & I ordered crab rangoon. SO much better than popcorn!
Gogol Bordello were just as amazing live as I thought they'd be...I want a Shitty Barn concert with just these 3 guys...& J.D. Wilkes opening up...can someone make that happen for me?? Their encore went on 2 minutes before the show ended...I had to bolt. Crowd anxiety overload. 
Above photo found on Instagram, taken by Adam Brown
My make-up this day included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Plushie, UD eyeshadows in Urban & Slowburn, Bite Beauty lipstick in Blood Orange, & OPI nail polish in Peel Me a Gobi Grape.

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