Friday, July 4, 2014

Oh, My Love! @ Merchant

 Dress: Rainbow Floral Skater Dress by Flor via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Teggings: Re/Dress
Sandals: Born
Necklace: Vintage
Earring: Wendy Baker
Photography: Super Boo & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit to work & to see a band with the girlie. It is extremely similar to the Flor dress I wore a few days before. Again, I thought the colorful flowers were pretty, but the fabric...70s bedspread. The Flor dresses are true to size as I'm wearing this in a 5x & I should have closeted a 4x as it's a bit big on me. Flor is one of the several house brands that GB has just started to put out. They are listening to feedback, & hopefully they'll start putting out better clothes in the future. 
This adorable purple house is in my favorite neighborhood & we often drive by it on our way home. 
Saints & Scholars, that was a tasty drink. Merchant has the best craft cocktail menu that they change each season. Kate & I also had nibbles while the band was setting up. 
It was unbelievably busy for a Thursday night...I guess because Thursday is the new we ended up just staying for part of their set. 

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