Monday, June 8, 2015

Tom Brosseau & John Davey

 Dress: Textural Dots Twirl Dress by Nic + Zoe (size 3x) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Cardigan: Lands' End
Teggings: Re/Dress
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Doc Marten
Necklace: Wendy Baker
Earring: etXarte
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this ensemble to travel to Spring Green with the girlie to see our first concert of the season at The Shitty Barn. This dress could have been fabulous, I loved the idea of it. But. First of all, there was so much gray(I hate gray even more than white), then there was the gigantic armholes, finally, ugly exposed zip on the back. Also, this brand runs at least one size too big, the 3x is always a great fit for me. Despite not loving the dress...I LOVED the outfit I made out of much leopard print! 
The adorable girlie...
This was our first full meal at the barn...we've only gotten bits & pieces in the past. It was delicious.
Above, Chris, one of the owners/organizers, welcoming us & introducing the performers. 
We'd seen John Davey open up for Count This Penny the previous season, so we knew we had to catch him again. Tom Brosseau brought along his friend, Andru Bemis, who tours the country by hopping trains & spends his travel time knitting his own socks. Just that little bit makes you want to know more, doesn't it? We bought albums & CDs from all 3 of them. 
It was windy at the barn & I think my hair blew up on the side like that & just stayed put. I adore these leopard Lafont glasses that Super Boo bought me over a decade ago. 
My make-up for the day included Phresh & Orange You Fancy shadows from the Anastasia Artist Palette, MAC Korean Candy lipstick, & Orange You Going to the Game by OPI on my nails. 
I had a different earring on, but when I checked the mail...this fabulous M made by Teri had been delivered...there is something about leopard print that cries out for an enormous monogram earring. 

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