Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Sweater: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Enwrapture Vintage Silk Sari

Socks: Sock Dreams

Shoes: Liz Claiborne

Earring: etXarte

Photography: Super Boo & Me
I wore this outfit to the last outdoor Dane County Farmers' Market of the season, out for dinner with friends, & to see Nosferatu accompanied by a live organist. It's a pretty casual outfit for all of that, but it was comfortable and I *did* add a necklace when I went out at night. 

How cute is this house?! It is in my favorite neighborhood and we pass it when we shop the East Side Farmer's Market. I love all the bowling balls. 
I really adore these socks from Sock Dreams, they are the Dreamer Palm OTK in burgundy. I notice they are out of most of the colors this comes in & I really hope they restock. These socks stayed up all day & they have excellent stretch...I have 19" calves & these socks could easily accommodate another 5-6". 
After dinner across the street with friends, we walked over to The Capitol Theatre to see Nosferatu with a live organ player. I'm afraid my photography does not do this theatre justice, but it is gorgeous. The organ is from 1927 & is original to the theatre. 
Thanks to Super Boo...we got these awesome seats in our own private balcony right next to the organist. After we crammed ourselves into our assigned seats we had no room for our legs & I would have suffered through the show, but SB is braver than I & he inquired if something could be done so we could watch the show in comfort. We were expecting to be seated in a row without seats in front of us so our legs could stretch out...but instead they gave us what I think is the best seats in the house...with no neighbors. 

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