Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Awesome has replaced incredible, good and even just OK. Pretty much everything that isn't terrible is awesome." ~David Sedaris

 Dress: Sommer Draped Dress from Igigi

Cardigan: Avenue

Shoes: Ariat 

Bracelet: Vintage

Earring: etXarte

Necklace: Age Before Beauty

Photography: Me, Kate, & Super Boo
I wore this lovely dress on Monday to work and to see David Sedaris. Confession: I bought this dress from Igigi back in April as a birthday present to myself and to wear on my birthday. This is the first time I've worn it. See, I have this thing I do...not just with clothing...but with a lot of things...I save them "for good." Whatever that means. I actually have Gwynnie Bee to thank for finally saving this dress from languishing eternally in my closet. What was I waiting for?! The cut of this dress was sooooo flattering  that I wish I had this in several other prints. Also, I LOVE paisley. 
Kate was wearing this geo print dress from Love Squared via Gwynnie Bee (that she has since purchased) when I picked her up this day...but I also included another picture of her wearing it on a different occasion to show off the back and cute boots. 
I feel I am not doing this dress justice with these photos as it had been 8 hours and 15 hours since applying my make-up & leaving the house for the day...I look tired. BUT, I needed to have my picture taken next to these octopi after the show that was part of an art exhibit at The Overture (look! they're friends!). 
David Sedaris was funny, as usual. We never miss him when he comes to town, but I have to admit...I prefer the way Super Boo reads his stories. He does better voices. 

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