Friday, September 6, 2013

Whimsy Wrap Dress/Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress from Kiyonna

This turned out to be my favorite dress from my first Gwynnie Bee box (get a free month here). I have gotten dresses from Kiyonna in the past (several years ago) and while I thought they were well-made, they all had a heavy 70s polyester appearance that made me feel frumpy. Not this dress though. I felt beautiful & sexy in it and when I first wore it to work, I got several compliments in the first 10 minutes. This is a true wrap dress, is unlined, and is a nice medium weight fabric. I thought it looked fabulous with these gorgeous GREEN vintage baubles my wonderful Super Boo got me (as a surprise) from the lovely and talented Wendy Baker

I liked this dress so much that both Kate & I decided to order it from Kiyonna (she ended up getting hers in solid red). I am excited to own this dress as it will be a dress that I can wear all year round, and also because I don't have any polka dot dresses. As autumn approaches, I look forward to wearing this dress with a ruffled red cardigan and my shiny red Dansko shoes. 

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