Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grape Picking on The First Day of Fall

Top: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Vintage Silk Sari Wrap Skirt by Enwrapture Vintage

Sandals: Born Crown

Jewelry: Made by Me

Photography: Kate & Me

Sunday was the most gorgeous first day of fall you could wish for and Kate & I took advantage of this by going grape picking at Mitchell Vineyard. Kate had contemplated taking a wine making class from them, but this year we decided to just pick various varieties of grapes to bring home to snack on. If we had wanted to, we could have used their crushers & presses to smoosh our grapes...but they were so tasty on their own! 
Confession time...I have over 20 of these vintage silk sari wrap skirts in my closet. And about 50 brand new, still in their packaging, on my 3 season porch (along with all the other things I don't have a place for...second piano, antique sewing machine/cabinet, antique blue horsehair chair, mirrors, lamps, dead mice...). So, if anyone needs a beautiful skirt of their very own...I've got some for sale. You are supposed to be able to tie these in 100 different ways, but I have only worn mine as a skirt 3 different ways and as a dress 2 ways. Obviously, I love them. 
Kate is wearing an Igigi polka dot top (if you look closely, the top layer of my skirt is also polka dotted) in black with pink dots. I should have gotten close up pictures of her grape picking appropriate jewelry...she is wearing a vintage grape pin to hold her top closed and a vintage grape bracelet...both gifts from me. 

We considered going to a farm to pick raspberries after this, but one fruit a day is enough. It was a completely lovely outing, until I got stung by a wasp that got trapped in my skirt. I think it was a wasp. It was not a fuzzy flying pig (those are bumble bees, right?). 


  1. Yay! Our grape picking excursion! I like your new, chattier blog posts. However, I vehemently dislike the font you are using for the title of each post. The y's are unreadable except in context.

    1. Yay! Also, I know...I changed it. It's ok for the blog title though, right?

  2. I see this was posted a while ago but do you still have the skirts? If not wear did you get them? I am thinking about trying GB but not sold on it yet, I love skirts and dresses so maybe. Thanks for making this blog I was looking through all the clothes on GB and thinking if only I could see them on someone MY size.

    1. Hi, Michelle, I do still have some of these skirts, but sold most of them just last month to some other GB members. I got them from enwrapture vintage online. Join GB, if you hate it...you are only out $10 for the first month *smile*