Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jean Maxi Dress from Igigi

After joining Gwynnie Bee (sign up for a free month here), I decided I needed to finally start a fashion blog. If you've never heard of it, Gwynnie Bee is like Netflix for clothes. They send you items you've put in your closet and you get to wear and keep them as long as you like! You send the clothing back when you want new outfits and they do the washing and it gets sent out for someone else to enjoy. I LOVE it!

This dress by Igigi was in my first Gwynnie Bee box and I wore it to the Saturday farmer's market and brunch afterwards with my girlie, Kate (who is also the photographer for this entry). I treasure every dress I've bought from Igigi over the years, they are all well-made, flattering, and gorgeous. However, I would have never considered this dress if it were not a rental. I dislike abstract prints and dresses with solid tops and patterned bottoms. How wrong I was. I felt pretty in this dress and the colors are beautiful. Kate told me it looked like a watercolor and if I wasn't already her best friend and she saw me walking down the street in this dress, she'd ask if she could be my best friend.

I am wearing this dress in size 26/28, which is typically the size I wear in Igigi, however, I think I might like this better in a size smaller. I was not even aware it had a side zipper until I read another review and when I looked for it I realized I had a few inches of fabric to spare. This dress is sooo incredibly comfortable and it's lined, so I never had to worry I was flashing anyone when I sat down which is something I worry about when wearing dresses that wrap. To me, the only down side to this dress is the double top. The top layer wrinkles slightly and is a bit loose which makes it look a touch sloppy. Also, my boobs look a lot bigger here than they really are because of this. I may try this in a 22/24 to see if that solves some of those issues. The under layer of the top and the skirt stayed fresh and wrinkle free. I felt it was a good length for a maxi dress on me (I'm 5'7"), but would not have wanted it to be any shorter. Looking at these pictures, I realize I would be sad if I never got to wear this dress again, so back in my Gwynnie Bee closet it goes in a size smaller. I'll take pictures and give an updated report of how that changes things.

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