Monday, July 24, 2017

Tile, Found

 Dress: Cold Shoulder Blouson Dress by London Times (size 24) via eBay 
Teggings: Re/Dress
Sandals: Auditions, thrifted
Earring: eBay
Necklace & Bracelet: Wendy Baker
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this dress from GB a few years ago & adored all the colors, but am never crazy about blouson dresses...however, it came in a GB clothing lot off of eBay which had 2 dresses in it that I really found its way back to me. It's a fantastic dress other than being blouson...I prefer things with a waist. And...I'll admit it...I rather like the cold shoulder trend. I know a lot of people are sick of it...or never liked it in the first place, but it feels sexy to me. 
I'm so happy I found these sandals at Savers...where I find 1/2 the shoes I wear...most under $10. Thrifting is so much fun because you never know what you'll find. 
I've decided to put all the fashion info up front...followed by pictures of what I did in the outfit...for those that would rather skip that bit...but that's always my favorite part of the blogs I read. 
My make-up with this outfit included...NYX eyeliner in Green Shimmer, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Urban & Thrash, Legend eyeshadow from Kat von D, Habanero lipstick by MAC, & OPI nail polish in A Roll in the Hague. 
I haven't gone to many garage sales this year since we are so busy remodeling the house, plus...we don't need more things to move when the time comes. Also...I promised David that I will only keep/buy things that have a place in our new home. doesn't count...I found these beauties at two different garage sales I happened to drive by...
Bathroom tile! We've been looking forever & finally went to Milwaukee & instantly fell in LOVE...the girls working there were laughing at us...we must have looked like we don't get out much...all our oooooooo-ing & aaaah-ing...but we were SO excited to have finally found tile we liked. The fish scales in both blue & green will go in the shower, the arabesque in just the green will be on the walls, & the speckled mustard will be a chair rail separating the tile from the paint on the walls...the black arabesque is for the floor...but the best part? David said yes to black grout with GOLD GLITTER!!!
New flavors of Klarbrunn made me ridiculously happy...although the cherry lime is the only one I liked. Rye & Olive at the private dog park after an unfortunate incident (no dogs or people were hurt) with Angie & Toby's dog, Val...we just can't seem to get our dogs to be friends. Kim Novak's former car next to David's truck at the shop. I'm not much into cars, but old cars were so pretty...I think everything should be pretty. 


  1. You can get glitter grout? WOW I nearly said a swear word, that is amazing! I cannot wait to see all of this, I hope you are going to make many posts about it. :)

    1. I know, right? Glitter grout! I've known about it...but was fairly certain David would give me a "are you crazy" look...but he said, sure. I can't wait! I haven't been making any post about our house remodel...other than some of the picking out of stuff. But of course I will share glitter grout will be a few months away still.