Thursday, July 20, 2017

Embrace Your Style

 Dress: Dolce Vita Dress in Etched Dot by Effie's Heart (size 4x) via Gwynnie Bee, Try Then Buy (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Teggings: Re/Dress
Sandals: Nurture, thrifted
Earring: eBay
Necklace: Wendy Baker
Bracelets: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
Marcy Cruz of Fearlessly Just Me asked if I'd do a collaboration with her on this fun dress from Gwynnie Bee. O!M!G! Of course! I am beyond flattered that she immediately thought of me & tagged me in her Facebook photo of this dress while trying it on at GB. To me, Marcy is a totally famous blogger that I really look up to...she puts herself out there & dares to be vulnerable. She's a strong female role model that truly advocates for us fat chicks...remember her 22+ Style Lookbook last fall? Also, I LOVE that we wear the same size & she's over 40. It makes me so happy to see other women my size represented in fashion...& she is a total sweetheart with a huge heart. Look how amazing she looks in this Effie's Heart dress...
Like me, Marcy is not afraid to embrace color or prints. She always puts her unique spin on whatever she wears & the fun she has with fashion really shines through. And how cute is that purse?! More photos & Marcy's thoughts can be found here

Superhero Marcy, representing in SWAK Designs fabulous rule breaker campaign. Curvy girls most certainly SHOULD wear prints...or anything else they feel like putting on their body.
Marcy is on Instagram @fearlesslyjustme, where she posts lots of fun pictures that aren't on her blog...& often gives us sneak peeks into what is coming up on Gwynnie Bee (she's a first fit reviewer). 
I have grown to simply adore Effie's Heart over the years...but it was not love at first sight. I've always thought the prints were fun, but was not a fan of the thick cotton t-shirt material their clothing is made out of. Now I think...what was I thinking?! EH is my favorite go-to brand for casual cute. This dress is crying out for some orange or yellow Chucks...don't you think? 
I also own this dress in a lemon print & orange I'd say I like it. In going back through my blog...I have ended up purchasing every EH I've ever worn through GB, with the chipmunk exception
Wearing color & prints makes me so happy! I had a goth period in my 20s when I wore mostly black...I could have never imagined myself wearing so much Please...I'm not Barbie. Now I wear & love it all...the older I get, the more I embrace color...& prints. Fashion is full of possibilities & opportunities for experimenting...if you love it, wear it...there are no rules. This may sound silly, but wearing clothes I feel good in helps calm both my depression & anxiety...I find when I look at the bright colors I wear, it makes me smile...& others smile back at me. It's contagious. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Esmeralda eyeliner by NYX; Kat von D eyeshadow in Analogue, Fran, Legend, Misfit, & Lemmy; Habanero lipstick from MAC; & Aim to Misbehave nail polish by Essie. 
I wore this dotty dress to The Shitty Barn to see The Sea The Sea & Hannah Busse. I did not adequately capture the stunning red hair of The Sea The Sea's singer...she looked like a mermaid. 
And in Chicago with Angie & Toby. Angie found a yummy hipster diner for breakfast, Dove's, it was ridiculously delicious. I had brisket burnt ends hash with the most delightful crispy potatoes I have ever put in my mouth. And there was a jukebox!
And just across the street...donuts! This place was adorable & favorite was the lemon pistachio old fashioned that I nibbled on during our drive back to Madison. 

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