Friday, July 7, 2017

The Harmaleighs

 Dress: Fit & Flare Dress in Pastel Floral by Julian Taylor (size 24) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Teggings: Re/Dress
Sandals: Born
Earring & Bracelet: Wendy Baker
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
The colors in this dress are delicately dreamy...I would have immediately bought it if the armholes weren't so large. Why is it so difficult to make properly sized armholes? Otherwise I thought this dress was delightful & the scuba fabric will hold up well, so I may buy this when it shows up cheap in the shop. 
I always forget to pull my dress down in back when I turn around...
The Harmaleighs at The Shitty Barn...from Nashville. They have been my favorite show so far this year at the barn...indie pop americana...such sweet voices & clever lyrics. 
My favorite song of theirs, Birds of A Feather...
David & I took a trip to Milwaukee to pick up some vintage doors we purchased...we've been trying to get them for quite a while, but there is always some reason the guy we purchased them from won't let us (they are locked in a room & only the boss has the key, my mother is dying, my mother died). We texted the guy we were on our way & he said...find me, don't talk to anyone & if anyone asks, you lost your receipt. The guy quickly loads up our doors & David said...I don't think the front door we bought is here...guy says, oh, that broke so I gave you a different one (not at all the same). That place is just weird & creepy...this bird lives in the warehouse. 
However, WasteCap in Milwaukee is awesome. We brought home some doors, knobs, & a gigantic mailbox on this day. Everyone there is always so friendly & helpful. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Voodoo eyeliner from Urban Decay; Candied Violet eyeshadow by Too Faced; Kat von D eyeliner in Anthem, Analogue, Fran, & Lemmy; MAC lipstick in Dozen Carnation; & Aim to Misbehave nail polish by Essie. 

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