Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Art of Framing

I'm posting 2 outfits here, neither which I felt really worked for me. Trying to catch up on blog posts!
 Top: Abida Wrap Tank in Poppy Red by Mynt 1792 via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month, free month offer is ending in October)
Skirt: Enwrapture Vintage (enter my 1 year blogaversary giveaway to win a new sari skirt)
Sandals: Dansko
Necklace: Antique Locket
Earring: Me
Photography: Super Boo & Me (iPhone)
I wore this outfit to run some errands. I hated this top. Hated. The color was lovely. Otherwise, I was not a fan of this, why is it sooooo heavy? top. Its thick, heavy, scratchy, polyester fabric was not meant to be worn in the summertime. Also, $118?! Go look for yourself, I linked to it above. But, I got to wear one of my fabulous sari skirts, so that made me happy. 
We took the art that we purchased at The Art Fair on the Square to Michael's to be framed. The above two prints are for my office. We had the most knowledgable woman helping us...she got our esthetic right away & pulled out the fillets (that decorative molding next to the print) & just the right shade & texture mats. I squeed with delight! 
Above is why I love Super Boo so...we have fun together no matter what we are doing. I'll whip him up a toga, & he's ready for the bacchanalia. 
Dress: Floral Print Dress by Yours Clothing via GB
Leggings: Roamans
Sandals: Fluevogs
Necklace & Earring: Babil & Bijou
Photography: Super Boo & Me (iPhone)
I wore this to work & to drop by my favorite store, Sephora. This dress was entirely too short to leave the house without leggings & the cut was not flattering for me. And those pastel colors...blah, not my thing. 

But, new blush! Luster by Nars. My favorite chick, Be, was working at Sephora & she suggested this hue...she also color matched me for lipsticks & applied a few gorgeous shades on me. I took selfies of my face...but I don't have that art down. I am trying out a new moisturizer by Caudalie in hopes of finding my holy grail cream. 


  1. It's too bad the fabric was too heavy, because the style and color or that top is loverly! The artwork for your office is gorgeous! I need to see finished pics of it hung :)