Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lady Magpie's Wine & Crafts Soiree

Top: Studded 3/4 Sleeve Top in Orange by Karen Kane (3x) via Gwynnie Bee (sign up using my link & I get a free garment for a month)
Sandals: Born
Necklace: Vintage
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I dressed up in the color of fun, orange, to drive Super Boo to the airport in Milwaukee & to attend a girlie crafty night and again the next day to garage sale & dog park. The color of this top was perfection, the exact right shade for a summer orange, *sigh*...alas, I knew I wouldn't fall in love because the neckline, bottom, & sleeves were covered in metal dots. Studs aren't really my thing. The fabric on this felt amazingly soft & very lightweight...however, it didn't lay very nicely on me as you can see with all the wrinkles. Also, it had a hi-lo hem which didn't bother me, but it was a surprise as it was not shown or stated on the GB site. Oh, orange...how I love you. 
Cute girlie also wearing GB...
Crafty night at Angie's house includes adorable cats & dogs that like to get right in the middle of things, why is that always so charming?? I worked on dividing a humungous garbage bag full of roving that Kate's friend Rebecca generously gave to us, while Kate immediately put some of it to use to start felting her quadropus...
I threw this same outfit on the next day & hit up some garage sales, here are some of my finds...the 8-tracks are going to be unraveled & the tape used to make our jellyfish project. 
Olive romping at the dog park...
Orange make-up...
I don't have a lot of orange jewelry since it is a recent favorite color change, I do have a load of green, my previous favorite color that has now been bumped to second place :)