Thursday, March 8, 2018

Postmodern Jukebox

 Dress: Matte Burgundy Sequin Dress by Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant (size 28) via Krista from Girls of GB RAK (Random Act of Kindness)
Cardigan: Lane Bryant, thrifted
Tights: Catherines
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklace: former etsy shop
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo, Kate, & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
This dress is fabulous...thank you so much, Krista! Her weight loss is my gorgeous dress gain...I was lucky enough to be the recipient of several pretty frocks from her. This dress has a lovely shape & fits great...& burgundy sequins?! It's a dream come true. I've seen this dress pop up on eBay every once in a while, but more often in black...which is also a beauty...but this is the one for me. 
Since I wear dresses every day, I don't feel dressed up unless I'm wearing sequins or a full length velvet gown. I was waiting for a special occasion to take this dress out...but every day is special, so why not?
It was ridiculously windy (20 mph) on this neither David or I caught that my cardigan was buttoned one button off...ooops. Also, I had to keep dabbing the tears that the wind was causing. 
My make-up with this outfit included...NYX Faux Blacks eyeliner in Oxblood, Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sonic & Stargazer, NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in Biker Babe & Cherry Skies, and Rich & Brazilian nail polish from OPI. 
I wore this fancy frock to go out to dinner & a show with the girlie...first we had a delicious dining experience at Bandung, an Indonesian restaurant. Then, off to the show...
 I thought it would be fun for Kate & I to attend Postmodern Jukebox for her birthday since we missed them the last time around & I adore most of the videos of songs that they post. I got us front row seats as I was expecting a much more extravagant show...but it was more like they took the winners of a local talent search out on the road with no budget. The girls were clearly wearing their own dresses...which were pretty, but I was expecting costumes & a more polished performance. Great voices, but there were a few song selections I question...Annie? 

What would have made my night...if Tiffani had said hi to me! She wrote me a sweet message the next day on facebook to tell me she followed my blog & saw me at the show...well, what she said was she was wondering if she'd ever run into me in "real life"...I immediately panicked & thought...oh, no! Most of the time when I leave the house lately...I'm wearing black clothes covered in all the paint colors of our new house since that's what I do on a daily basis...paint. So I was relieved when she saw me at PMJ. If you see me out & about...say hi! Unless I'm wearing my painting clothes. 


  1. And I thought the last outfit was awesome. This is incredible! :) Exactly my jam. I clearly need to buy some sequin dresses in 2019. ;)

    1. Right?? How did I live so long without sequins in my wardrobe?!