Monday, February 27, 2017

Strange Things

 Turtleneck: Lane Bryant (size 26/28)
Skirt: Effie's Heart (size 4x) via FabFatshion
Leggings: Torrid (size 4)
Boots: John Fluevog
Shoes: Tahari, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklaces: Babil & Bijou, former etsy shop
Bracelet, both: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
I wore this outfit two slightly different ways...a bunch of work, farmers' market, running errands... & other things pictured below. I adore Effie's Heart clothing...they have recently begun carrying plus sizes on their website (only 2 dresses so far...but they are both cute). In the past you could only get plus size Effie's Heart on ModCloth & through Gwynnie Bee. They make their garments out of a heavy cotton knit that is soft & comfortable to wear...& in adorable patterns. 
We had a whole week here in Wisconsin where we opened the windows all day & turned off the heat...we topped out at 70° we're back to winter...but during that week I was able to walk around without socks on...& better show off these fun sugar skull leggings from Torrid. 
This sweater...full of loathing...the band on the bottom is kept rolling up & drove me mad. I used to love Lane Bryant sweaters years ago...but not the last several I have bought...maybe next year. 
Effie's Heart always have pockets...
Amy Bethel: Strange Things. This art show had been up at the library for nearly two months...Kate & I finally made it on the last day. I think Amy Bethel's art is amazing...
I had to go to the mall to pick up an order for Torrid...this is the only time I usually go into Lane Bryant...& they were having a marvelous sale (50% off clearance)...I bought the first outfit, but left the skirt at the store. And! My procrastination paid off, my friend Marianne had posted a photo of this lovely velvet burnout shawl from Target months ago...& it had been sitting open in a tab waiting for me to order it...I noticed it was on clearance & grabbed the last one at the store for $11. 
Poking around Deconstruction...I like these steps...they aren't for sale & are placed here so you can reach all the pretties on this shelf. I took a photo because I think these would be perfect for our bed as the dogs get older & need a bit of help. I also browsed dozens of wallpaper books & was disappointed in the selection...these were the only two that caught my eye. Back in 1998 (the last time I looked at wallpaper)...the offerings were more to my taste. Badly needed haircut with a new person. I'm still considering how I feel about it. 
This event at the library was fabulous. Real Life Library...real people sat down with you & told you their story (~20 minutes). Up to three people would sit at a table across from them & listen. You had to sign up...but only for one at a time (I couldn't sign up for the next one until I was out of the previous session)...that was my only criticism of this the time I was done with my first "book", the next time slots were all full...& the next one wasn't starting for another hour. 
A day of shopping...three skirts & a top from Lane Bryant (~$10 each), my Torrid order...6 leggings & plaid shoes (50% off) I picked up a pretty shawl for $1 & change off the clearance rack, & some NYX eyeliners from Ulta...& 2 bottles of micellar water for wiping off eyeshadow fallout while doing my make-up...I learned about this on a beauty blog & now I don't know how I lived without it.  
Two versions of purple & gold make-up. 
My make-up with this outfit included...NYX eyeliner in Brown (Deep Purple in second photo); Too Faced eyeshadow in Black Forest Truffle, Candied Violet, Gilded Ganache, Marzipan, Champagne Truffle, & Crème Brûlée; MAC lipstick in "O" (Model Behaviour in the second photo), & OPI nail polish in Peel Me a Gobi Grape (OPI Ink in second photo). 

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  1. That skirt is gorgeous, and that key earring! SIGH. I have a real thing for antique-looking keys. Wonderful!