Monday, December 26, 2016

Amanda Palmer in Chicago

On our second day in Chicago I wore this lace up dress from City Chic (size XXL/24) via Gwynnie Bee. I thought it was fun paired with plaid leggings from Torrid & the red leopard cardigan from the day before. This dress made me feel like I was about to go to a NIN concert back in the 90s. I liked the lace up front, but not the heavy metal silver grommets. The cut-outs (in the back too, but I didn't get a photo), fit & flare, pockets, & length were marvelous. The fabric was heavy, which made this a great nearly winter dress. 

The morning started off with coffee from the hotel's hot beverage buffet (tea, hot chocolate, & several kinds of coffee with all the fixings) in this lovely cup...& some photos of the hotel remodel on our way out the door for brunch at Harvest Moon...
I had a french toast croque-monsieur & we shared a side of blue potato hash browns. The best part about this place was the aesthetic...pretty women with melting candles painted on the walls, moss on the walls & below the bar (where there was also a wrought iron fence), & ornate empty frames attached to the ceiling. I appreciate over the top decor. Oh, & this lovely moon man & lady outside...
Across the street...mosaic art decorated the outside of a building...
I liked this part best of all...
The mirror pieces reflected the sky, trees, & colors surrounding us, which I found just delightful & made me want to create a huge mirror mosaic of my own.
Then we headed to our Airbnb near Thalia Hall...where Amanda Palmer was playing that night. The last time we saw her there it was extremely difficult to get a cab to take us back to our hotel...& I found this place only a block from the venue. We had a cute porch outside our bedroom, a king sized bed, a jacuzzi tub, & an enormous walk-in closet. 
The Pilsen neighborhood was charming...with murals everywhere...mostly with a strong Latino influence. I admired the artistic beauty as we strolled down the street...stopping every 30 seconds to take a picture of all the loveliness that caught my eye & asking the girlie to take my photo. Kate is so very patient with me.
Orange everywhere. 
This coffee shop was spectacular...look at that ceiling *gasp*. That Vosges bag came in handy as we decided to cut it up & each used one of the lovely ladies as a card...we wrote messages on the back as Amanda asked us to bring a tribute to Leonard Cohen, who had just died a few days prior. 
Pre-dinner tamales were delicious...& I fell in love with their tin letter M in rusty metal. Kate outside our dinner restaurant, Simone's. 
The girlie nomming sweet potato fries...& that wall *swoon*. I think they just painted the wall black & then spray painted the stencils...but does spray paint really come in that many shades? 
We waited in line for the doors to was a lovely night with a stunning full moon. Thalia Hall is so pretty. Kate got us front row seats because she is the best girlie EVER! And they made a decent Moscow Mule. Let's not talk about all the kids people bring now that Amanda is a mom. 
Amanda came out with Goodnight Moon...but she never read it to us. Thalia Hall has a curfew, so she could only play a few hours (she'd been doing 4 hour shows). We were all still processing Leonard Cohen's death & our evil president-elect...she really helped. I admire how open & vulnerable Amanda has always been with her fans. She played several Leonard Cohen songs & Neil came out & read Democracy. Quite a few people had gotten the message to bring a tribute for Leonard...& we shuffled up to the stage to lay them in & surrounding her ukulele case. 
It was a perfect evening with my bestest girlie. 
My make-up with this ensemble included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero; Too Faced eyeshadow in Golden Nugget, Sin City, & Jackpot; Year of the Dragon eyeshadow from Mon Ennui Cosmetics; Nars lipstick in Cruella; NYX lipstick in Russian Roulette; & Little Red Wagon nail polish by OPI. 

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