Monday, August 15, 2016

Concerts on the Square: Reel Sound

 Dress: Scarf Print Dress in Coral & Red by London Times (size 24) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Sandals: Born, thrifted
Earring: etXarte
Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo, Kate, & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
This is definitely a case of...why did I send this dress back (I know...I talked myself out of it because of all the white)?! I hope I am able to buy it when they retire it or through fabfats. I have this dress in green that I bought through The Girls of there is hope. Perfect maxi...great length on me, empire waist, & a neckline that didn't gape open. And those colors! After paisley...scarf prints are my favorites. 
I wanted to pull out the green in this print...via my necklace, eyeshadow, & sandals. I have so many green necklaces that I never wear...this one is by my favorite vintage designer, Miriam Haskell. 
Rear view...I used one of those things to link my bra straps together so they wouldn't peek out. Genius. I just spelled genius wrong & it autocorrected. 
Porrón time at Concerts on the Square. Kate got this fun wine vessel last year which we also used at concerts...the wrong way...with the cork in it...turns out it works better with the cork out...although I still managed to dribble down my face a bit. We had a most delicious picnic made up of edibles I bought at market that day & leftover bean & potato salad Kate had made for had some kind of delicious mustard in it...what was it girlie? (this is not a test to see if you are reading this, maybe)
Kate cut herself an adorable haircut...spoiler alert...this is the most hair you'll see on the girlie for a while. Wine slushy! We had to. The music on this day was The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra playing selections of songs from movies...themes from 007, Star Wars medley, Raiders of the Lost Ark, & Lord of the Rings. 
David surprised me with an order of bras & panties he bought during Lane Bryant's lingerie sale...we had to go to the store to pick them up because he wanted to make sure I could exchange anything I didn't like. Also, he got me the above outfit...which I swear will look better once I style wear them together. 
All the bras & panties! It was a 94° degree + 90% humidity we hid out at our office (with fab window air conditioners...we have a boiler in our old home with only an a/c unit in the bedroom). I thought modeling all the bras & panties on me would be more fun...I hope I didn't miss the opportunity to spend my Real Woman $$! I forgot about those. 
My make-up with this outfit included...Urban Decay eyeliner in Zero, Sephora eyeliner in Brown, NYX eyeshadow palette in Brights, Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in Lime & Tangerine, a mixture of 3 lipsticks...Blood Orange by Bite Beauty, Crush by UD, & MAC's Korean Candy, & Man of La Mancha nail Polish by OPI

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