Monday, June 9, 2014

Muffin Pincushion

 Dress: Ruched Waist Dress by Jessica Howard, purchased from the Gwynnie Bee Shop for $15
Cardigan: Avenue
Shoes: Dansko
Necklace: Me
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Kate & Me (iPhone)
I wore this dress to work & then to my very first acupuncture appointment. I like these Jessica Howard ruched waist dresses. I find them flattering, but have not purchased one until now because the pointless zipper in back bothers me...but for $15, why not?
One of the presents Super Boo got me for my birthday this year was acupuncture. For Christmas I had gotten him a massage, which turned in to him getting acupuncture from his masseuse, which led to us finding this amazing Chinese doctor who does acupuncture. He'd been getting great benefits from her treatment, so he thoughtfully gifted me some sessions. 
I was slightly nervous during my first appointment because...needles. But it turned out not to hurt at all. She stuck all these needles into me, placed a heat lamp over the table, & left the room so I could relax. I concentrated on the soothing Chinese music that was was like meditating. 
I gave the girlie a ride home from work...she is looking adorable in a GB dress by a brand I don't recognize...
Here are some GB duds. I came home to these 2 hideous dresses. The Spruce & Sage Hawaiian number was especially awful. It looked & felt like a hospital gown. Oh, it was ugly. The leopard print Postcards dress was slightly better because the fabric was nicer...but I guess shift dresses just aren't my thing. These 2 went back unworn. 


  1. Love the dress--seems like GB is sometimes hit or miss. But you scored well on this one.

    1. Thank you! I thought it was quite a bargain at $15 *smile*.