Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Lovely Saturday

 Dress: Corrine Dress in Bouquet from Igigi via Gwynnie Bee (click on link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Shoes: Born
Necklace: Babil & Bijou
Earring: etXarte
Photography: Me & Super Boo (iPhone)
I wore this gorgeous Igigi dress one day to work & out for lunch with Super Boo and another day to farmers' market with Kate, brunch, & girlie shopping...then errands & pizza with SB. I thought this dress was just so pretty & feminine with the sweetheart neckline & full skirt. The chiffon felt pleasing sweeping against my legs as I walked. I adored the floral print against a background of me this made the dress more sophisticated & less girlie. The fit on this is good, but a bit low-cut for work...I had to tape the top together for more coverage. 
Lunch at Stalzy's Deli with Super Boo. The Rachel- pastrami, havarti (I'm not a fan of swiss), creamy slaw, & russian dressing on rye...with a side of potato salad & root beer. So good. 
As Kate & I were parking for farmers' market, we were mesmerized by the sound of sitar...we were compelled to walk toward it...& completely forgot to pay our meter. It didn't even occur to me until we were nearly finished & I was wondering if our time was up. Oops. Luckily, we got away with it. 
More delightful music...2 of my favorite instruments...this duo had a very Romanian Folk
The girlie with the first asparagus of the season (4 weeks ago). Isn't she lovely in this Hell Bunny dress from GB? Teacher's Pet. 
 Picking out ramps...
 Brunch al fresco at La Brioche. 
Kate trying on dresses at Z.Bella Boutique...overwhelming loveliness. It was so much fun getting my own private fashion show. 
She looked fabulous in several of the dresses, but pictured below are the 2 that came home with her. I don't recall the brand of the first dress, but the vintage camera dress is obviously Cherry Velvet. So cute!
These 2 gorgeous blue frocks were stunning on the girlie, but both a size too big for her. The first dress is from Adrianna Papell & the second is by Alex Evenings. 
After an hour of trying on clothes, we went shoe shopping! Kate ended up getting these fun shoes by FLY London in black patent leather online. And...she very generously got me the Fidji shoes I was lusting after several weeks back when Angie & I were shopping. Thank you, girlie!!
After girlie shopping, Super Boo & I ran errands & had pizza at our favorite pizzeria, Salvatore's Tomato Pies. This shrimp pizza was amazing.
Super Boo found yet another use for those granite blocks I discovered a few weeks back...
So much spray paint...needed to make the backyard colorful. 


  1. Gorgeous dresses and yummy food pics! My brother-in-law is from Milwaukee, and he treated us to a selection of Sprecher sodas one Christmas. I would have been mesmerized by the sitars, too. Moulin Rogue and its "truth-telling sitar" crack me up. The IGIGI dress is gorgeous on you. Red is definitely one of your colors!

    <3 Liz

    1. Thanks, Liz! Sprecher sodas are pretty tasty...I am a root beer fan. Sitars are awesome and not something you hear every day on the street.