Friday, April 18, 2014

A Day At The Farm

 Dress: Avenue
Cardigan: Avenue
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Gripfast
Necklace & Earring: Me
Photography: Super Boo (iPhone)
Super Boo & I visited Heartland Farm Sanctuary the last Sunday in March. They are a homeless shelter for farm animals. One of my goals this year was to become friends with a pig, because they are cute & intelligent & I would like to get to know one better. Well, this didn't fulfill that dream, but I got to meet several pigs & pet that's a start. 
O! M! G! Their snouts are adorable! We got to meet 3 miniature potbellied pigs that were inside the barn together...Ellie, Lola, & Lucy. So cute! That is Ellie above (with Lucy in the background) & below is Lola.
Ellie was standing up & I rubbed her belly & she flopped on her side like a dog. I loved these pigs! I teared up when I visited them again right before we left. 
There were more pigs, but these 3 girls were my favorite. There were also chickens, roosters, turkeys, llamas, mules, ducks, geese, & cats. 
 There were also gentle goats...
And the sweetest sheep. I think this was Francis...every time I would stop petting him, he'd rub his head on my hand to let me know he'd like more pets please...
 Interspecies playmates...these two were having fun together...
 Opal was another sweetie...
I can't remember this precious girl's name, but I loved her. Everyone was trying to get her attention & she was ignoring them. After they went away I called her & she came over. I don't know anything about horses, so I held out my hand for her to smell & she started bucking her head up & down under my hand so I was petting her whole head/muzzle. Super Boo took about 50 photos of that & I couldn't stop laughing...I was so enchanted by her affection. What a sweetheart. I loved our day at the farm & I'd like to go back again. Perhaps someday I'll volunteer there & get to know these wonderful animals better. I'd like that. 

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