Sunday, January 26, 2014

Orange is The Color of FUN!

 Coat: Land's End Luxe Wool Swing Car Coat in Velvet Orange (on sale now, also in raspberry)
Photography: Kate (iPhone)
I am in LOVE with this coat! So in love that I felt it deserved a blog post devoted to it. This coat was a gift from my girlie, Kate. I had picked it out as a possible NYE gift she could get me, but then old coat would last another year. And...a coat. What a boring gift. Well, I think I thought that because I've never had a winter coat I was in love with before. Now, to be honest, part of it is the color. Orange! Orange is the color of fun! And one of my favorite colors (the other being olive). But this coat has more to offer than just a fun color. It feels luxurious. It is a wool blend with a touch of cashmere. And the shape is just lovely, every other winter coat I've had has been a shapeless box, but this has flattering seams that follow my shape. Perfect. And the lining is an orange herringbone pattern...and there is a pocket inside.
To think, this coat & I would have never met had I not ruined my old coat, and had I not had such a generous girlie for a best friend. My old coat had a run-in with a super sticky glue trap a few weeks back and Super Boo worked on getting the glue out for hours, but it was stubborn. So Kate felt bad for me not having a serviceable coat to she ordered it...and made me this video & posted it on Facebook...

The largest size Land's End goes up to is a 26 & I normally wear a 26/28, so we weren't sure if it would fit...but it is PERFECT! She had alternate lyrics to this song I liked better...but sadly, they were not what she considered Facebook appropriate. Sigh. Anyway, the point is...I LOVE this coat! Thank you girlie! But. Have you ever loved something so much it made you sad? I am sad to think that someday I won't have this coat. It makes me want to buy a dozen of them so I will always have one. And if I could afford it, I probably would buy at least a few more. Is it just me?
The tune she is using in the video is this one, I Have Your Heart by Kim Boekbinder (Vermillion Lies). The song & video are both amazing...
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