Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Experiments in Pattern Mixing VII

Dress: Harlow Faux Wrap Dress from Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee (click on link to get a free month)

Photography: Super Boo (Canon Rebel)

For some reason I made a lot of stupid faces in this photo shoot, so this is the best of the bunch. Sad. I also could have adjusted my outfit better....pulled down the dress, straightened the belt, but it was cold out. I liked the print & colors in this Kiyonna dress. And the truth is, it was a bit shorter than I would have liked and I'm sure my tights peeked out like that a lot...& that belt kept sliding up under my breasts. So this picture is an accurate representation of how I looked last Wednesday at work. Except I was sitting.

Guess what? I won! A free month of 10 garments at a time from Gwynnie Bee! I think they were randomly picking winners over the holiday season from members who referred new members during that time. I think. Anyway, pictured below was the first big shipment. Going from 3 items at a time to 10 is incredibly overwhelming! But fun! I think by the time this is over I will have tried everything GB has in my size. 


  1. I love the dress and socks together--floral + stripes is the best kind of pattern combination, hands down. And that's awesome that you won a free month of 10 garments at the time!

    1. Thanks! I love floral and stripes too.