Friday, October 11, 2013

2 Girlies, 1 Dress

 Dress: Madison Dress from Igigi via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month)
Sandals: Dansko
Kate's Shoes: Buttonbush by Earth
Kate's Stockings: Target
Jewelry: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo
Kate & I both got this dress from Gwynnie Bee at the same we thought it would be fun to take pictures! Also, since we live in Madison and this is the Madison dress, we had to take pictures outside our lovely capitol building. 
Kate wore this dress to work on Wednesday, I just wore it to pick her up from work and do this photo shoot. Kate had to wear a camisole under it for work because WOW! cleavage. We both had a difficult time with sitting down because, well, here is Kate's review of it...

I really love the fabric and colors, and it was fun to wear for a day, but I can't imagine wearing it frequently. This dress is extremely low-cut and I can't use my usual trick of holding it closed with a tie tack because of the connecting bit at the top of the neckline. I was worried it would look odd with a cami, but that actually worked fine with it. However, the skirt just did not have enough overlap and every time I sat down it pulled apart and I had to make sure to really keep my legs together. I also didn't find the way it hung on me to be particularly flattering. I have an hourglass shape and am actually rather short-waisted, but the waist on this dress hit just above my natural waist at the bottom of my rib cage and hung straight down, which hid the smallest part of my waist and even hid my hips and butt some, so it made my bottom half look straight up and down rather than curvy. 
We both really wanted to love this dress. I thought the colors were flattering on both of us, but sadly, the fact that it doesn't stay closed when I sit down would prevent me from buying this dress.
So, even though we both liked, but did not love this was fun having pictures taken of us both wearing it. Super Boo was an incredibly patient photographer & we'll probably do it again with other matching dresses. 


  1. My shoes are Earth brand and the style is "Buttonbush".

  2. You're both such cuties! Even if the dress wasn't a 100% success, it looks great in this photoshoot.