Friday, February 21, 2014

Art & Music

 Dress: Lace Cocktail Dress from Kiyonna via Gwynnie Bee (click link to get a free month & help me earn a free garment for a month)
Kate's Dress: Portia Pin-up Dress also from Kiyonna
I wore this dress to attend an art show opening & to see The Sills with Kate & Angie. I thought perhaps this dress was too tight at first, but I ended up loving it & feeling quite sexy. I adore the way black lace looks when there is a contrasting color underneath. I originally had black lace stockings on, but my (now deceased) lace stockings have so many holes in them that they were making me feel crabby & ugly. My mood improved as soon as I took them off. I am trying to hunt down new ones, but I can't find any. Help? 
I am kinda loving this huge metal flower.  I wouldn't be able to kill it & Oscar the Pitbull would not be able to destroy it. It is perfect really. I'd like a garden full of metal flowers, please!
Adorable Kate wearing the pin-up dress in a gorgeous tropical print. I own this dress in leopard, but flowers are fun too. 
Glowing girlie, bathed in light. 
An original screen print by one of the guitar players in The Sills, Jim. Drunk people kept touching it & one particularly annoying guy asked if any of us had a pen so he could sign it. No. Drunk people just aren't my scene. 

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  1. Mesh,
    I like this post. I can see you're married, but respectfully I'd like to say I LOVE how you great you make this dress look. You always doll up so nice. He's lucky