Saturday, October 29, 2016

Visting Brian & Kyra

Warning: this post is boring & not about fashion. The end of September...a month ago already...I drove up to the U.P. (upper peninsula of Michigan) to visit my best friend, Brian...& meet his new (1st *ever*) dog, Kyra. Kate had borrowed my car & left behind some tapes for me to listen to...Siouxsie & Prince helped me stay awake. Then it started raining I pulled over & browsed around in Ross...because we don't have one in Madison...although, it turns out we do...I just don't go shopping much. I bought 2 lace cardigans, burgundy & black...& 2 muumuus...including one to wear to Thanksgiving. Why?! I'm not sure. 
Michigan! Look how adorable Kyra is!!! Brian only had her for a week when I was there...chewing on Angie's dog warming present, a moose antler. Brian's sweet mom made pasties because she knows I love them. 
We drove into Marquette & walked around Presque Isle on a windy windy day...& then happened to find the most amazing trails in the woods while looking for the dog park...happy dog!
Wind on Lake Superior...with an ore boat that just left the dock. Autumn leaf! The colors were just starting to turn when I was there. I always have to get a sub from Togo's when I'm in town. Shane & I used to get these for lunch all the time in high school...veggie Togo's with extra cheese...& he would put a Hershey bar & potato chips on his...yuck.
This gorgeous old building used to be an orphanage, but its been empty for decades...they are making it into low income housing. David texted me this photo...Gwynnie Bee sent me 5 boxes with one item in each instead of one box...oh, GB. Kyra! So cute. Breakfasts, the debate, & a smattering of color on my drive out of town. I had a lovely relaxing visit with Brian & am so happy he has Kyra in his life. 

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