Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons

 Dress: Bermuda Dress in Emerald Colorblock by Igigi (size 26/28) via Gwynnie Bee (use my link to get your first month free & help me earn GB credit)
Cardigan: Liz Claiborne, thrifted
Teggings: Re/Dress
Shoes: Naturalizer, thrifted
Earring: Babil & Bijou (no longer online)
Necklace: Me
Bracelet: Vintage
Photography: Super Boo & Me
Stats: 5'7" 55-50-64
This was a weird dress. The belt & trim were black, but the pattern in the dress was kelly green & dark brown. The fabric was very thin & had an unexpected texture. The belt was attached at the natural waist, but I didn't let that stop me from belting it in my preferred place...under the boobs. I think I must have closeted this because I adore green & Igigi...because sheath dresses aren't usually my thing. I thought this was more flattering than your average sheath, so there's that. I didn't put much effort into styling this, however, I got several compliments while wearing it. 
The first time I wore this dress, I threw it on with no teggings or styling to pick up Kate after her overnight biking/camping adventure. Then after she showered...we ate delicious food at Stalzy's Deli where I got something new to me...pork schnitzel sandwich with a sweet & sour slaw & brown mustard. YUM! I have only recently been enjoying mustard...why?! Also, sandwiches are pointless without a pickle...unless it's PB&J. After lunch...the girlie picked me my favorite flower...lilacs. 
I wore this dress a second time, as pictured, to attend a concert at The Shitty Barn, solo. I don't mind going places alone...I like to eavesdrop on others conversations & pretend I'm invisible...however, people are so incredibly friendly there...that I always end up being talked to...which spoils the illusion that no one can see me.
Enos Farms often makes tasty food...but they outdid themselves with these tacos...this whole meal was amazing...& I got the very last bag of highly addictive corn chips. 
I don't know what to say about this concert other than it was magical & could never be created again...I felt like I was part of this unbelievably marvelous perfect moment in time. Cory Chisel was so kind & generous...he brought along friends, including Jon & his band, J-Council. Jon's the big guy singing above & his voice is surprisingly smoothly soulful...I was blown away. Cory's the guy in the knit hat & he was fantastic...but really shared the stage with Jon. Towards the end of the evening he asked if there were any singers in the audience & the shy woman who was encouraged to come up had such a spectacular voice, it was difficult to believe she wasn't planted there. They sang three part harmony of Sam Cooke covers. Cory somehow had me dancing & hugging strangers. Magical. It was an enchanted evening that I will never forget. 
The band was too big for me to capture in one I snagged the one above from The Shitty Barn page. 
My make-up with this ensemble included...Urban Decay Black Velvet eyeliner; Sephora eyeliner in Brown (glitter); NYX Green Shimmer eyeliner; Urban Decay eyeshadow in Hustle, Smog, Halfbaked, & Virgin; Electric Grandma Lip Tar by OCC; & Conga-Line Coral nail polish by OPI. 

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